Monday, November 25, 2013

Halloween 2013!

Better late than never, right?  This year, I knew that Mike would be working a sixteen hour shift on Halloween, so I'd be alone with the ladies for Trick-or-Treat.  My plan was to come up with a costume for Emma that she could wear in our Baby Bjorn, so that I could have my hands free for Addy.  I looked online and found a cute little spider costume that I could make out of men's dress socks, so that's what I did.... and then I saw a picture of a Mom as the spider web, and I thought, "Perfect!".  Emma was going to be a spider and I was going to be a web.  But what about Addy?  Thinking about webs made me think of Charlotte's Web, so I decided that Addy would go as Wilbur the Pig :)

Here we are in all of our glory :)
And we were the hit of the neighborhood, if I do say so myself ;)

I ordered Addy's costume online, but Emma's and mine were handmade by yours truly.  (And if you know me at all, you know that crafty is something that I am not, so the costumes were very easy to make.  No sewing required, thank goodness, since I have no idea how to sew!)

I put Emma in our black Baby Bjorn carrier and she was wearing an all black onesie and back pants and socks (black socks over her hands too).  So those were four of the spider legs right there.  The other four I made out of two pairs of men's black dress socks.  I simply stuffed them with polyester fiberfill and pinned them to the Baby Bjorn and then to my shirt.

For me, I wore a plan white shirt and a white maxi skirt.  Under the skirt I put my white puffy skirt that I wore under my wedding gown.  (That's what gave it the puffy look.)  Then I simply pinned and tied pieces of black yarn to look like a web.  And I glued little black spiders that I found at the Halloween store onto the web.  And that's that.  All in all it actually wasn't that much work, but this non-creative girl was pretty proud of herself this Halloween :)

In the morning we had Addy's preschool Halloween party, but I did not dress up for that because my costume was not made for sitting down, ha ha.  Therefore I threw Emma in Addy's old Lion costume and Addy wore her pig costume.

Emma was so good at the party even though she missed her morning nap (which usually equals cranky mess).  She just hung out in the stroller and watched the kids play :)

Here's the crew.  Just missing Nicholas, who was dressed as Scooby Doo, because he was having a two-year-old moment.  

Onto Trick-or-Treating.  Addy didn't really get it last year.  Mike took her to two or three houses and that was enough for her.  This year, she definitely got it.  Trick-or-Treating = candy, and there is nothing that my girl likes more than candy.  She was all about it this year and I think she would have kept going all night if I let her.  As it was, we just went up and down Tina's street and hit about 15 houses.  

Addy had no problem running up to the door all by herself, knocking, and saying "Trick-or-Treat!"

Addy was very polite, and said "Thank you", but Tina and I couldn't stop laughing because before the door was even closed she would come flying down the lawn yelling, "NEXT HOUSE!!"  She was so intent and focused, and watching those little toddler legs flailing out to the side as she ran, pig costume and all....well, we couldn't contain ourselves.  It was hilarious!  I instructed her to say "Happy Halloween" instead.  So she did that.... and then followed it up with an all out sprint while yelling "NEXT HOUSE!"

All in all, it was a very successful day, and I know that the girls (especially Addy) had lots of fun.  After Trick-or-Treating we came back to the house to help Uncle Jay hand out candy to the other Trick-or-Treaters.  (The great thing about toddlers is that they have no sense of time, so I told Addy it was all done after approximately 20 minutes, and she was fine with it.)  She was more than happy to see the other kids and get a head start on eating some of her loot.  Which ended in perhaps the biggest sugar high I've ever seen her on...She was wild!  But hey, it's Halloween!

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  1. Hahah I forgot about her sugar high! I was glad I could go around with you guys!