Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Fun!

From pumpkin patches to fall festivals to park play dates, this season was full of fun for our little ladies!

We went to a fall festival with Julie and there was a guy carving things out of wood, which was cool to see.... but of course, it was too loud for Addy's sensitive ears ;)

Julie taking over the creative reins and helping Addy make a clay necklace :)

One of my favorite family photos!

Addy got her face painted for the first time!  Here she is admiring herself in the mirror :)

I love this sassy pic of her!  I actually made it the wallpaper on my phone :)

The firemen with their firetruck came to Addy's school and gave all of the kiddos these plastic fire hats.  Addy was loving life, and here she is holding hands with her sweet friend Charley :)

A sweet shot of our precious little Lou Sue:

Tina and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch, which was lots of fun!

It was unusually hot that day, so poor Addy was sweating to death.

 Despite the heat, Addy took her job seriously, and pulled around the wagon full of our "perfect" pumpkins :)

 After we got our pumpkins we headed over to the apple orchard to pick our own apples!

It was our first time doing this and we all loved it...

...even Emmy!

We spent lots of time at the park this fall, before it got too cold.  We would often head over after preschool with some of Addy's new friends.  The little girl to Addy's right is in her class.  The one on her left and the one on the bottom are siblings of her preschool classmates and they are both 5 and in kindergarten.  AKA, Addy's "best friends".  My daughter seriously thinks she's five years old, and she loves nothing more than playing with older children.  (The girl on the far right was just a random little girl at the park that day.) I love Addy's face in this pic!  She is so genuinely happy :) 

Speaking of older girls, here is Addy with her other "best friend" Maggie from next door:

I'm telling you, all you have to do is stick Addy next to an older child for her real smiles to come out :)  Love this photo!

One rainy day Tina and I took Addy to Wegmans for a special treat.  She was in heaven!

In other big news, Addy had her first real ponytail a few days ago!  It doesn't all fit, but we're finally getting there!

Running through the park chasing bubbles without a care in the world :) I love it!

When we moved in, several people told us that the Camp Hill Library is an excellent place to take little kids. They were right.  This library is awesome!  The whole bottom floor is the children's library, and along with books they have lots of fun toys for the kids to play with.  Both of my girls love it there :)

We often head up to Addy's friend Ben's house for play dates.  Here is Emmy in her own little ride, watching the big kids play:

Tina and I took the ladies to the park and I snagged this cute pic of Emmy and Tina:

...Then I thought I'd try to get a pic of Tina with Addy too.  Um, yeah:

After many, many attempts, I got one!

So this is what our autumn has looked like :)  The weather has been truly gorgeous since we moved here, so we took advantage of being outside as much as possible.  I know that the cold weather will be here to stay any day now... In fact, we got our first snow flurries of the year this morning!  Time to get re-acclimated to the PA winters!

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