Sunday, February 2, 2014

Emma: 16 Months!

Dear Lou Lou Lemon,

Wow, recently you have been off and running!  Literally!  It is the cutest thing to watch you run around, and I'm going to have to try to catch a video of it soon.  You love when one of us "chases" you, and you run away laughing hysterically :)

This month I have also noticed you asking for Addy whenever she isn't around.  When you wake up, "Addy!" (which sounds more like "Ahhh-EE").  When she's at school, "Addy!".  When you are in your high chair and she isn't, "Addy!"  I love it :)  You love your big sister so much and we are noticing her being a lot more gentle with you lately, which is awesome.  Now, you still get your fair share of being pushed around (literally) by her, but it IS improving, so that's something :)

Here she is pulling you in your new wagon that you LOVE!  I really enjoy seeing glimpses of you two actually playing together :)

One day I was looking around for you and I found you tucked in your wagon with a good book :)  You fit perfectly in that wagon with your little legs outstretched.

Cheese face!

You love books, especially the You Are My Sunshine book that we gave you for Christmas.  Ever since you got it, that is the lullaby you prefer we sing before bed.  You bring that book over to us all the time and want us to read it, or perhaps just open it.  Because we can't seem to get through more than a page or two (of any book) before you close it and say, "All done."

When you want to say "Yes", it comes out more like "Yesh", and luckily I got a video before that disappeared, because lately you have been preferring "Yay!" instead.

This month you started showing some interest in the potty for the first time!  I think watching your sister go has something to do with that, but you will sometimes say "Potty" and go and sit on it.  Usually you are in your diaper, but I think you kind of get the concept because there are times that you sit there and I watch the little line on your diaper go from yellow to blue!  So you are peeing in there!  And a few times when we had your diaper off you've peed (and once pooped!) on the little pink potty!  It's funny because you also like to put your toys on the potty and then bend down to see if anything is happening!  Your dolls, books, piano.... you've tried them all to see if any of them get this potty thing ;)  I am not living in a fantasy land, and I know it'll be a long while before you are actually potty trained, but you're showing interest and that is the first step :)

In other news, you desperately need a haircut!  I mean desperately.  We said we were going to get you a "holiday haircut" around Christmas and here we are in February with still no cut.  At least you are a girl so you can pull it off.  But you need a bow or something at all times to keep you hair out of your eyes.  And your hair is getting more and more mullet-like by the day.  Soon, little lady, soon :)

I love your "cheese" face!

You have been working on your molars this month, which I know has been rough on you.  One of the bottom ones popped through, so you now have nine teeth, but Pap said he can feel the other three coming.  I can tell by the way you shove your hands in your mouth and your overall clingyness (which always happens when you are teething) lately.  You've also had the diaper rash that both you and your sister always get with teething.  Doctors say the two aren't related.  I don't buy it.  At all.

Here you are at Addy's birthday party (while eating something of course).  I love you and your little pigtails!

Emmy, every month I marvel at how I am watching you grow up right in front of my eyes.  Seeing the new things that you learn every day is one of the most amazing things about motherhood.  You blow kisses, run, climb, and chat up a storm.  Listening to you talk (in almost 100% your own language) is adorable.  You try to carry on full conversations and look at us like we should understand you.  Addy often tries to interpret, which is adorable.  I know it'll be a blink of an eye before you will be carrying on conversations... in English. So for now I will relish in your sweet gibberish and continue to pretend I understand.  You remain my sweet sweet, and to know you is to love you.  Truly.  You bring so much joy to our lives; I could kiss your little cheeks all day long.  And sometimes I do :)

I love you Emma!



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