Friday, February 28, 2014

Emma: 17 Months!

Dear Janey,

Whew, this month has been a rough one for you...all FOUR of your molars are coming in.  One came in last month and 2 more have pooped through now, with the last one coming any day now.  I know that it has really been hurting you because you have not been yourself.  You've been a bit crankier and clingier than normal.  But even Emma on a bad day is a million times better than many little ones on a good day :)

All of this has been combined with the all over rash that you have had for weeks now.  It's eczema due to this horribly dry weather, but it's just not getting any better and recently it's really been itching you and you've been scratching yourself all up.  We went to the doctor and they gave you some cortisone cream, and recommended a soap and lotion, so here's hoping all of that helps!

You are a little girl on the move and it is so funny watching you run around the house.  The thing that makes you run the fastest?  Food.  Just like your sister, you are very food driven.  As soon as I mention a meal, your little legs take off running towards your highchair and you try to climb up it.  It's so funny because at play dates all of the other kids are focused on whatever new toys they can play with.  You and Addy are focused on whatever snacks are there, ha ha!

That being said, you are becoming a picky eater like every other toddler on the planet.  We are hard pressed to get you to even eat fruit these days and veggies are next to impossible.  Except for asparagus, randomly.  I gave you a stalk the other day and you devoured it... and then had about 10 more after that!

You have, of course, been talking a lot more and your recent favorite word is, "OK".  I love it because when we ask you to do something (or if Addy asks you to do something), you respond with, "OK!"  Such a sweetheart you are :)  You are desperately trying to talk to us in sentences, but it is usually all jibberish at this point.  However, you have started saying "please" and "thank you", which is so adorable to hear in your little voice.  Now we may be the only ones that understand what you are saying, but that's ok ;)

We have had a lot of snow this winter and you definitely enjoy playing outside a lot more than your sister. Often times Addy goes back inside and you and I stay out for a little while longer :)

You and Addy have a few dress up outfits and you have claimed this one as your favorite:

Emma Jane: Wonder Woman!  It's so funny when you grab it and bring it over to me with a huge smile on your face.  I ask you if you want to wear it and you say, "Yes!" with a big smile and a nod :)

You adore your big sister and you're really starting to be able to play together.  I love hear you two squeal with delight as you're running around the house after each other.  And whenever Addy isn't around you ask for her: "Ahhh-EE!", you yell.  

We started cloth diapers back up since moving into our new house, and despite the initial shock at how time consuming it can be, it's going well.  How quickly I forgot about the rinsing, washing, stuffing, and folding of the cloth diapers.  But then, how quickly I got right back into it.  And now it's second nature again and I don't give it a second thought.

Speaking of the move, you are finally back in a regular crib after months of being in the pack and play at Tina and Jay's house.  And you love it!  You have been sleeping until 8:00 or later everyday (unlike your sister who has been up with the sun these days).  And as long as you have "Purple", your beloved blanket, all is well in your world :)

I haven't taken a whole lot of photos this past month since we've been so busy with the move.  You and Addy spent a lot of time playing in all of the packing material:

And usually Daisy was right in there with you... tongue and all ;)

 Despite my lack of photos this month, this is one of my recent favorites of you (taken by Aunt Tina of course):
This captures your personality so well.  My sweet, happy, smiley little lady :)

I love you to the moon and back Janey.



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