Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Self Portrait

January was a big month for us because we finally closed on our PA house!  The holidays are over and (other than Addy's 2 birthday parties) we could mostly focus on getting our new house move-in ready.  Not that it wasn't already.  It's a great house, and I'm pretty sure the previous owners had it professionally cleaned when the renters moved out because it was almost spotless. Which doesn't mean I didn't clean the whole thing top to bottom (with the help of my mom and sister).  It just made that job a heck of a lot easier :)

Here is where I spent A LOT of time:

I am so excited to finally have a pantry!  I went to clean it "really quick" and discovered that the shelves are those white wire looking ones, and they are NOT easy to clean.  I ended up taking a rag to each individual spoke because they were fairly dusty and several had old spills on them.  Well, that was an undertaking! 

And since I spent so much time getting them clean, Tina suggested that I put foamboard shelves on top of the wire ones to keep them clean, make it easier to wipe down, and make it easier to store small things without having to balance them on those wires.  So I did that.  And that was an undertaking as well.  Measuring and cutting each board, taping some together because one wasn't long enough, and putting contact paper over all of them. 

But I am glad that I did it!  All of it.  I feel better knowing that my pantry shelves were cleaned and updated with love by me :)  Now they are ready to be piled with food... which might start happening today because TODAY IS THE DAY folks!  Moving day for the Hetricks has finally arrived!  Wish us luck!

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  1. Woah - a blog post on the actual day?!!? I'm impressed!! Happy Moving Day!