Monday, December 1, 2014

A Big Girl Bed!

At last!  We finally rid Addy of that rock of a crib mattress (only to get her a rock of an adult mattress, but that's a whole different story).  She had been sleeping on the crib mattress in the toddler bed since we moved into this house, and she is now proudly in a full sized bed.  And it's huge!  Or at least it looks huge with her little body in it.

We ordered the bed and it was kind of a disaster from the beginning.  They didn't have our bed in stock so they gave us a "better" one, which is questionable.  We also wanted a lower box spring and didn't get that.  So almost 2 months later we are still trying to deal with them.  They are typical shady mattress salesmen who don't call us back and keep saying what we want is back ordered.  Anyway, I digress.

Here is what Addy slept in before:

 And here are her precious baby and blanket, both of which are so well loved that they're falling apart. (Don't worry, they are still a staple in the big girl bed.)

And ta da!  A new, hopefully more comfortable, full sized bed, complete with a Frozen bed set!

Addy loves her new bed!  I suppose anything is better than a crib mattress ;)

Emma loves it too!  Ha ha this picture of Emma makes me laugh.  What a hot mess.  Those things bunched around her knees are supposed to be leg warmers.  And the top is supposed to be a dress ;)

Gotta pretend to sleep in the new bed.

And last, but not least, story time with Daddy in the new bed.

All in all, I'd say it's a hit!  Addy still loves to show everyone who comes over her new, big girl bed :)

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