Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Self Portrait

This year Mike and I hosted our very first holiday for the family and it was a huge success!  That we are able to do that now is one of the many advantages of living near family.  We made the whole meal, starting a few days ahead of time and we really enjoyed the entire process.  It was so much fun having family at our house for Christmas and I hope it's a tradition we can continue for years to come.

Here I am in my traditional Christmas jammies, baking that last batch of cookies on Christmas morning :)

 Now that the girls are getting a bit older, Mike and I decided that we aren't going to travel on Christmas day anymore.  There's something about being a kid and waking up in your own house on Christmas morning, running downstairs and seeing that Santa came!  We want to create that magic for our kids.  Mike mentioned that this year he really felt like we started a tradition.  In years past we were so far away from family that we usually made the trek up North for Christmas, or one or the other of us was working (one of the downfalls of being in the medical profession).  Christmas was different every year.

This year was exactly like I imagined it would someday be.  Christmas Eve church service, followed by getting everything ready for Santa.  Waking up in the morning and seeing the girls faces light up when they came downstairs.  Putting on some Christmas tunes that stayed on all day long.  Opening gifts (and fighting over gifts).  Making a big breakfast.  Preparing to have the family over.  And then the family came and we all relaxed, had fun, opened more gifts, and just enjoyed each others company for the rest of the day and into the evening.  A truly wonderful Christmas.

Times like these make me really reflect on the decision that we made to come back to PA, and how it was definitely the right move for our family.  We are all happy, healthy, and blessed.  Here's to another great year ahead!

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