Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look What Arrived at Our Doorstep!

Check out what we got today!  Tina, Mike, and I picked out these pics and ordered them as standouts for the living room wall.

I just opened them out of the package and set them on the coffee table to get this pic.  They are still covered in plastic wrapping and I'm not sure if this is definitely the order they will be in on the wall, but you get the idea. 

Mike and I have differing opinions on where to hang them.  I ordered them with the thought that we could arrange them (like above) on the living room wall where they would be prominently displayed for everyone to see. 

Mike thinks that is tacky and says we should hang them in the den. 

I say, "But then no one will see them, so what's the point?"  We have barely any pictures of our family hanging anywhere in the house, and I know that when I go to people's houses I like to see their family photos.  Plus, I've been wishing we had more ever since we moved in.

I think (fingers crossed) that I am winning this battle, but I'll let ya know where the photos end up.

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