Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 2 in Review

Our little Adilyn is over 2 weeks old now and the second week flew by just as quickly as the first.  We've been noticing so many changes in her already from last week to this week.

She is so strong and lifts her head and moves it from side to side like a champ.  Those little legs are really strong too.  She pushes against your hands and can make herself scoot when she's on her tummy that way.  When we hold her in our lap she pushes with her legs and can almost make herself stand up!  It's wild to watch!

We've also noticed this week that she is much more aware of her surroundings.  She definitely tracks us with her eyes at times, which she hasn't done until this week.  Actually the first thing that I saw her track was Daisy.  She loves her puppy already!  She will sometimes focus on toys that we hold in front of her too.  Now, we're not delusional.... we realize that she isn't always looking at us.  She definitely still often has that far off stare going on, with the occasional wild eyed cross eyes.  But I swear there are times when she does focus on us, and that is soooo fun to see!

The Steelers were in the Superbowl during Addy's second week of life, but despite her adorable outfit, they lost to Green Bay :(

Addy's Grandma and Grandpa Hertzler were here to visit this week, and they love her just as much as everyone else (though they will claim that they love her more :) )  We had a nice, relaxing visit with them.  Grandma Beth cooked dinner every night and they went to the grocery store for us, which was great.

Hanging with Grandpa

Snoozin' with Grandma Beth

They are gonna spoil her rotten!

One of the days, when I decided that I needed to get out of the house for awhile, Beth and I got mani/pedi's.  You would think that would be awesome, which it was.... for about the first hour and a half.  But it was the longest mani/pedi in history and by the end I was sooooo needing to either feed the baby or pump, so the relaxation factor was gone and I just wanted the whole thing to be over.  Note to self....pump before you go.

We took some walks around the neighborhood this week, one with my Moby wrap, which Addy and I both love.
Snug as a bug!

The second walk was her first trip in the travel system stroller.  She loved that too!

It was a little bit cold and kinda windy, so we bundled funny is this?  And it's a newborn size!

We brought out the jungle mat that Aunt Sue and Uncle Lee got for Adilyn this week.  We use it for tummy time and play time and she loves it.  (So does Grandpa!)

When playtime gets a little too crazy, she takes a time out to nap on the jungle mat

How cute is this face????

Daddy and Adilyn after a late night feed.  So precious it melts my heart.

Someone is getting a little cranky, so it's time to wrap this post up.  Here are the "official" two week pics.  It took awhile to get one that I liked, so I'm including a few of the takes.  There were several more than this, but I'll spare you having to look through all of them.  Check out her mittens; we call them her paddles because they are so big on her!

The extraneous 2 things on the sides of this picture annoyed she looks terrified

Got a semi-smile...but cut the sign off and Mike's leg is in the pic

There's that wild-eyed girl that we love!  This one is my favorite...good thing, because Mike was so over positioning her for the pictures by this point. 

My response: "Oh, I'm sorry.  Do you need to be doing something else?"  Which, of course is a joke.  We've both just been hanging out here with Addy, and neither of us are busy with anything else.  Except maybe playing Nintendo games on the computer.   Mike discovered this during his stint on paternity leave, and to say he has been slightly obsessed is an understatement.

Family shot:

Happy 2 Week Birthday Baby Girl!  Mommy and Daddy hope you've had as much fun in your first two weeks as we have!


  1. Yay I love all the pics! She looks so different already - can't wait to see her again!

  2. Thanks for a great week Addy! Can't wait to see you again! Love You!!!!!!

    (Oh yeah, that goes for M&D also...LOL)