Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 and 15 Weeks

Still a little bit behind on posting Addy's weekly pics, so we'll do a little combo here and then we'll be all caught up!

During Addy's 14th week I had two of my friends from work (who also recently had babies) over for lunch.  It was so nice to hang out with other new moms!  My one friend has 2 daughters and her older one just loved Addy!  I told her I need her around all of the time to help me, because she entertained Addy the whole time!

Reese and Addy 

Addy, Reese, and Rylee (Reese and Rylee are sisters)

It was so funny trying to get these pics.  The babies kept falling over and when we finally got both babies looking at the camera, Reese's eyes are half closed!  Haha!  But she was such a great sport through all of the picture taking and she is such a precious little girl!  Seeing her makes me so excited to watch Addy grow up!

We are missing baby Carley in these pics because she spent most of her time asleep in her mom's arms.  She is the youngest of the three babies and was still a little bit too small to sit on the couch like this.  Next time we'll be sure to get a pic of all three babies!

Then along came my first Mother's Day!  Mike gave me a gift certificate for a spa day and even Addy got me a gift and a very sweet card!  She gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi!  That girl is so thoughtful ;)  I have the greatest husband and daughter, and I can't wait to use my gifts!!!  I worked the night before Mother's Day so I took a little nap on Mother's Day morning.  I woke up to find this on my deck...

Love it!

Then I found this video that I took of Addy on Mother's Day, so I'll throw that in here too.  And yes, upon closer listening, I believe that I am pumping as I take this video.  Don't judge.  I couldn't stop laughing as I watched it today because I was thinking "What on earth is that noise in the background?".  Then, "OMG it's the pump!  Why would I decide to take a video while I was pumping???"  Just goes to show how much the whole breastfeeding thing has taken over my life!

Moving on to Week 15...

I worked on the day Addy turned 15 weeks, so for the first time ever, I had to give up the control of taking the weekly pics to Mike.  He did a great job and got some really cute ones! 

My two favorite people :)

So now we are all caught up!  I can't believe my little baby will be four months old in a week and a half!


  1. Aww I love that shot of Addy and Mike! Very cute, I can't wait to see her on Sunday!!!

  2. Amazing how time flies....

    See you Friday!