Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Rolling: He Says/She Says

Addy and I were out on the deck the other day.  When I layed her down she was on her back and when I looked up a few seconds later she was on her belly.  She also had the lower half of her body hanging off of the deck chair. 

I know, I know.  WHY did I put her on a chair that she could potentially fall off of when she was so close to the age of rolling over?????  I could smack myself for this.  You'd better believe that when I looked up and saw her hanging off the edge of the chair I bolted out of my seat like a bat outta hell to retrieve her! ;)  But I was watching her the whole time (that's what they all say, right?) until I answered a text message.  Darn technology these days.  Plus, she had obviously not made any big moves like that before, so I figured she'd stay where I put her.  I was clearly wrong.  But all is well.  Crisis averted.

Anywho.... I called Mike with the exciting news that our baby girl rolled over and he wanted all of the specifics.  And then....he fought me on whether or not it counted as a roll!!

He said:  "Explain how she rolled over."

She said:  "Well, she was on her back and then the next thing I know she's on her stomach with her little legs hanging off the edge of the chair."

He said:  "Doesn't count.  She obviously rolled onto her side, then her legs fell off the edge of the chair, which propelled her onto her stomach."

She said:  "Don't take this away from her!  She rolled over.  All I know is that she started on her back and ended on her stomach with no intervention from me."

He said:  "Doesn't count."

What do you say?????


  1. I say she did it:) She's so grunty! But definitely holding her head up a lot more now:) Can't wait to see her on Sunday!!!

  2. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, "A roll is a roll is a roll..."