Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Addy's Baptism Weekend!

This past weekend we packed up the baby and the dog and drove to PA (yes, again) for Addy's baptism.  We decided to have her baptized in the church that I grew up in in PA because it would be easier for more family members to attend than it would be down here in NC.  However that meant that we would be making the trip for the third time in two months.

But it was well worth the hassle of traveling (as it always is).  We got to see our whole family, both mine and Mike's, in the same weekend, which was awesome.  Usually we have to see one or the other because our families live so far from each other. 

We stayed with my dad and step mom and then had a get together for the whole family at their house after the baptism, which was great.  Addy was definitely in heaven, because I don't think she got put down the whole weekend!  She was held constantly and given all of the love in the world from her family. :)

Here are the pics:

Me with my nephew Luca and Addy with Grandma

Getting ready to head to the church.  Don't know what's going on with Mike's tie, but we were running late and in a major rush at this point.

Addy looks less than thrilled in all of my pics.  She is probably wondering how long she has to wear that outfit.

My sister and her husband were Addy's sponsors.

Us with Mike's sis and her family.  Addy is about over the picture taking by now.

I think we got about every family member in a picture with Addy at the church, but there were so many cameras going off that most of my pics have people looking in every which direction.  Luckily, Tina was there, so hopefully she got better ones.  I also really wish I would have gotten a close-up of Addy in her baptism attire.  I actually don't think Tina did either, but the whole day was such a whirlwind of cameras and people and pictures that I'm not really sure.

Addy with Grandma.  This is the only close up I got of her all weekend.  How cute is she in that hat??

We received a nice little Toddler Bible with pictures from the pastor that we can read to Addy as she grows up, which I loved.  It was a great ceremony, and I'm really glad we chose to have it PA so our whole family could attend and celebrate with us.  Baptism weekend was a success!  Now we are looking forward to spending June at home in NC to relax and recharge. :)

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