Monday, July 25, 2011

23 Weeks and More PA Pics

Since Addy's 23rd week was the Fourth of July week, I decided to take her weekly photos in her Fancy Fourth get up.  I had to get some good use out of that outfit, right?

Addy had a chance to hang out with her cousin Luca during our time home, so we had to get some pics of that :-)

Look at those smiles!

Very focused on the puzzle

4th of July babies holding hands :-)

Addy feeding Luca his bottle...that was the funniest thing to watch!

Wedding number one of two during that trip

The Penn State boys together again = trouble every time ;)

We had such a blast at the wedding at Penn State.  It brought back very fond memories of our wedding because the reception was held at the same place, and all of our same PSU friends were there.  And.... it was our very first night away from Addy!  I would say our first full night of sleep, but that didn't end up being the case.  We were up until almost 4AM, but no regrets.  Good times with good friends!

The following weekend we attended a wedding in Pittsburgh, which was also a lot of fun, but unfortunately I have no pics from that one.

While we were in Hollidaysburg, we hung out at Uncle Lee and Aunt Sue's pool a few times and tried to turn Addy into a water baby.

Definitely skeptical of the pool at first

"This is NOT as warm as my bath tub!"

"Whew, Daddy has me now.  I'm all better."

Tired babies.  Time for a poolside nap.

A few more random pics from the week:

Note Addy's onesie ;)

Addy's Great-Grandma and Grandpa H just relaxing at the cabin

Getting pumped for a photo shoot

Addy with Great Grandma and Grandpa D.

Grandma D and Addy

What can I say?  These two love each other!  Check out Addy's smile!

Family photo :-)

So there you have it.  Our whirlwind of a PA trip.  We traveled (get ready for this) from NC to Hollidaysburg, Hollidaysburg to State College, back to Hollidaysburg, then to Snyder County, from Snyder County to Allentown, Allentown back to Hollidaysburg, Hollidaysburg to Pittsburgh, back to Hollidaysburg, and then home to NC.  All in ten days.  It was insane, but so much fun!

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  1. Yay I love when your posts have so many pics! We WILL turn Addy into a water baby at some point - maybe this summer at the beach! Love your family photo, I love how Addy is always looking at her favorite doggy when Daisy is in the pics!