Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fourth of July Photshoot cont.

We had a three day extravaganza with Aunt Tina around the 4th, so three days = three photo shoots for Miss Addy.  Here are a few of the pics from the remaining two photo shoots.

Ha ha, Addy's little corkscrew headband was always falling in her eyes.  And notice that she is reaching for Daisy.  She adores her puppy. :)

A little unsure of the grass

Love that little smile :)

Just hangin' with her pup

A great candid moment

Fighting that nap with all of her might

Love this picture of the woods....with little Addy at the bottom.  Just a baby in a bumbo in the woods.

Couldn't resist a photo shoot in her first PSU tee...and little baby jean shorts!

Whew, so that was the end of photo shoot mania.  Addy was such a trooper, despite the heat and the bugs.  She didn't cry at all!  More pics from our trip to PA in the next post. 

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