Friday, July 29, 2011

25 Weeks

During Addy's 25th week, I got her to sit up unassisted by me for the first time!  She is still very wobbly for sure and has to lean forward to rest on her hands but here she is!

"Daisy check me out!"

Addy Marie loves loves loves to be outside...especially naked!

And then (I took this idea from Tina), here are some of the many faces of Adilyn (all taken one right after another).....

We always have so much fun hanging out on our back deck :)

On the day of Addy's 25 week pics I had to work, so Mike took the pictures for the first time.  (Of course I had the sign all ready to go and I didn't give him much choice!)  It's crazy to think that this was the very first time I've worked on a Thursday since she's been born!

As always, Mike had much better luck getting our baby girl to smile for the camera than I ever do.  What can I say, she adores her daddy!

But inevitably, the weekly photo shoot turned into this.....

"Aw Dad!  Give that back!  It was fun to play with."

Happy Friday everyone! Our next post will be about Addy's first experience with solid food!!  Yay!


  1. Yay addy is starting to sit up! She's getting so big:)

  2. WooHoo Addy!!! Soon ready for her own chair!