Friday, October 28, 2011

Addy's First Tooth!

Yup, it came!  Mark the date: October 24th!  Monday night on our way home from dinner with my grandparents, I was in the backseat with Addy and she started gnawing on my finger as usual.  But this time there was something pointy jabbing into my finger!  I told Mike I thought she might have a tooth, so when we got home he pried open her little mouth and sure enough, there it was.  A little nubbin of a tooth, barely visible.  But it was there!

The very next day when I walked into Addy's nursery after her nap I found her sitting up in her crib.  Another first!  

Big week for our little girl! 

Back to her post for the Steeler game!

We're ready!  (Yup, those are her cloth diapers drying on the line in the background.)

"I love my football coaster!"

"Here we go....Steelers....Here we go!"

The day we discovered Addy's first tooth!  We hadn't found it yet at this point.  Ha ha, notice Daisy's head peeking over Mike's shoulder?

Tried to get a tooth shot, but it was so little and hard to see in real life, much less on film.

"Mom, that's what I think of you prying my mouth open to get a tooth picture."

Flying baby!  This is Addy's big move when she doesn't feel like laying down anymore.  She cries in this Superman pose until you pick her up.

This week we finally had a play date with Carley!  It's been so long!

Hi girls!

Carley plowing over Addy.  Look at Addy laughing!  She thought it was hilarious!

"Carley, look at how big I am!  Soooo big!"

Just hangin' at the Step and Play Piano

Busy girls :) 

So busy, in fact, that I had time for this during nap time.  They both slept at the same time for an hour and a half!  I figured I'd make a little bit of baby food, but the girls kept sleeping and sleeping, so I kept cooking and cooking.  This was the final product!

Play date, round two! 
 "Here I come Addy."
"Cool.  Come over and play with me Carley."

"Wait.  Ouch!  My hair!"

"Ummm, seriously?  What is going on right now?"

"I'm just gonna stand here and play my piano."

"Carley!  Are you really pulling down my pants?!!!"

Best friends! 

I had so much fun during the AC (Addy and Carley) play date!  It's hilarious to watch the girls interact with each other.   More and more fun every time!  And, lucky for me, they were both really pleasant that day :)

After the play date was over, it was time for Addy's weekly pics.  Can. Not. Wait. for these to be over.  It's soooooo hard to get them, but I feel like I've made it this far into her first year, I'm not gonna quit now.   So here we go!

By far the best one!

Close second. 

Then we have the out takes....

This what happens when I try to lay her down for the pics.  She immediately (I mean IMMEDIATELY) rolls onto her stomach.  Thank goodness no one is ever around to witness the ridiculousness that goes into keeping her still for a few decent pics!

Looking like she might crawl, but no dice.

"I'll just roll over here."

Mission accomplished.  Her goal in life on these picture days is to capture the weekly sign and eat it.

A little blurry, but the best one I have of Addy in her first Halloween shirt.

Ummm, pooping perhaps?  I think so.

Whew, all done with pictures for now.  Many more another day :)

So there's Addy's 39th week!  Lots of action this week: 
Her great grandparents came for a visit. 
She got her first tooth. 
She sat up from a laying down position.
She had a play date with Carley. 

And to top it all off, Addy turned 9 months old on the day she turned 39 weeks.  I had to work though, so the weekly pics were actually taken a day early and the monthly pics a day late.  Shhhhh don't tell ;)  I'm gonna work on Addy's 9 month letter this weekend.

We took her for the 9 month doctors appointment today and Mike and I were both able to go, which was nice.  We have the weekend off!  Woo hoo!  3 whole a together....with no traveling.  Unheard of for us!  But we are so excited to hang out together and spend the weekend with just our little family :)

We're gonna head out to the Greenway in a little while so that Daisy and I can run, while Mike and Addy walk.  T-minus one week until my Savannah half-marathon!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Yay! Love her little steelers outfit. And I love the one w/ Daisy's head randomly over Mike's shoulder in the one picture:) Can't wait to come down on MONDAY!!