Monday, October 24, 2011

Ooooh Baby Baby!

Last week, after my Mom left, Mike's fam came down for a visit, including Addy's one and only cousin Luca!  It was baby mania and we all loved it!  This was the first time Luca's been to Addy's house, and she wanted to show him the ropes.

"This is the rubber ducky that we play with in my tub."

"Here ya go.  Sit right here.  Good job, look at the camera."

"Let's hold hands.  They love stuff like this."

"Living in this house is like one big photo shoot."

"But if you make faces like this, sometimes it'll end quicker.  If you smile they'll never put the camera away."

So, as I'm going through my pics from the weekend with Mike's family, I realized that I have no pictures of anyone besides the babies!  As usual, when there are babies around, everyone else takes a backseat.  Ha ha!

We had a great time though :)  Hung out at the house, went out to eat, hit up the farmers market.  And the guys played golf too, of course.

As I was Skyping with my sis one day last week, she jokingly suggested that I put Addy's "point" (as we call it) in a ponytail.  Call it a point, call it a rat tail, call it what you want.... I did just that.

Addy's first ponytail!  Cracks me up every time I think about it :)

Close up.

Side view.   Having a discussion with Scout.

She couldn't figure out how to get that Velcro clip out of her hair.  Headbands, no prob.  She can rip them off with the best of 'em.  But she couldn't get to the back of her head for this one.  But, no worries.  All she had to do was turn her head quickly or lay on the floor, and out it slid.  Addy still doesn't have a whole lot in the hair department. It was hanging on by a thread.  ;) 

Tina said I should leave it in when Mike got home and not say anything to see if he noticed.  He did.  Immediately.  His response?  "What the heck is in her hair????"  And as he said it, she rubbed her head on his shirt and out it slid.  Ha ha!  Still a little early for ponytails, but we'll get there Addy.  Before you know it, we'll get there.

Random side note.  Addy still enjoys her activity mat, but these days she prefers to sit up and try to eat it.....

And Daisy is always underfoot for some added entertainment if needed.

Then came Thursday, and you know what that means ....

"Must we Mom?  I need to make a phone call."

"Here I come!"

"OK, fine.  Here is your smile."

I love that cute little pajama set that Mike's mom bought Addy.  And I just realized that for the past three weeks in a row, weekly pics have been in her pajamas.  We're a little slow in the getting dressed department.  Typically we keep our jammies on until after Addy's first nap.  Yup, that includes me.  I usually get ready for the day during her nap and then get her dressed after the nap.  But the weekly pics happen first thing, because that is when she usually is the most pleasant.  So weekly pajama pics it is :)

I hear my little nugget stirring now, so it's time to start our day.  Today my grandparents are coming to visit on their way back from my uncle's house in Charlotte.  Yay!  We can't wait!!!


  1. Hahah Addy's ponytail cracks me up:) Have fun with G&G! I can't wait to come next week!

  2. I'm so glad to see you still have your activity gym out. My mom said when she can pull it down, it is time to put it away, but I just can't. Not yet. Love the pony tail too!