Monday, October 31, 2011

9 Months!

Dear Pumpkin,

I thought it was appropriate to save the nickname above for your October monthly letter :)  But I've been calling you Pumpkin for a long time.  And I say it A LOT.  Probably annoyingly often.  Anywho....

Nine months old baby girl!  You are getting so big!  Before we know it you'll be a year old, and this precious first year with our first baby will be over.  But I'll stick by what I've been saying and tell you that this last month was our best one yet.  I love every month with you more than the last, so as sad as I am that you are growing so quickly, I know that I have so much to look forward to in each coming month. :)

You are slowly becoming mobile, and as fun as that is, I already miss the days of putting you down and knowing that you'll be there when I turn back around.  You go from sitting to laying down easily, and you are starting to be able to sit up from a laying down position, but that is just starting.  Your mode of transportation is still rolling and it's really funny to watch! 

As you can see, we've just discovered that you are ticklish too!
You get up on all fours like you might start crawling, but then you flatten back out and roll away.  Ha ha!

You are really good at standing while holding onto something (nice and flat on your feet) and you are starting to take some steps if we hold your hands, so maybe you'll go straight to walking and skip the whole crawling thing.  Apparently I did when I was a baby :)  

One of the things that I really love about you is how chill your general attitude is.  You love to examine things and you will furrow that little brow and spend a long time with your toys.  You are content to just sit and hang out, and I LOVE that.  And although you can be wiggly while we try to change your diaper, if we give you a toy you will hold still and play while we change you.  You are also pretty patient with your food, and you just sit quietly while we feed you with your spoon.  You don't really like to get your hands messy and if you accidently touch them to your mouth while you are eating you hold them out to your sides like "Yuck!"  It's funny.  You are very patient with getting into your car seat or stroller or high chair.  You just sit quietly while we fumble around trying to buckle you in.  Like I said, chill baby :)

You still don't like getting your jammies on at night, but Aunt Tina discovered that if we sing Row Row Row Your Boat, you stop crying immediately.  How funny is that?  You love that particular song.  Thanks Aunt Tina!

Your naps are continuing to be pretty great, 2 one to two hour naps a day.  And then to bed at about 7:30PM until about 7AM.  Wonderful, absolutely wonderful :)

When you wake up I pick you up and we go around your room and open your plantation shutters.  All of the sudden this month you love that!  You try to help me open and close them, and when we are done with one set you look over to the other side of the room at the other set of shutters with anticipation!  Pretty cool, I must say.

You got your first tooth this past month and I was surprised because you haven't been that cranky.  We didn't even know it was coming!  But that little nubbin on your bottom right side is definitely there.

You are a talker and "Da da da" remains your favorite thing to say.  But you've added "Yeah yeah yeah" to your reportoirre.  "Ma ma ma" still comes out once in awhile, but not often.  I'm working on it though!  You love to talk to your toys and that is when we hear you the most.  So sweet :)  You have also just discovered that you can click your tongue and you get a kick out of that.  Mommy can do that too!  But Daddy can't.  Hee hee!

The feature that you are definitely most complemented on is your beautiful, big, bright eyes.  Strangers comment on them all the time.  That is the thing about you that struck everyone right from the day you were born.  Including the doctor that delivered you.  He said he had never seen such an alert newborn in his life!  You are our bight eyed (sometimes wild eyed) baby.

With every month you are getting longer and leaner.  Daddy says you are svelte ;)  You are a skinny little munchkin, but pretty long. 

Weight: 17 lbs, 13 oz (40th percentile)
Length: 28 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
HC: 45cm (80th percentile)

This month at your doctors visit you got your first flu shot and you took it like a champ.  No crankiness in the days after either.  You are eating really well, but seem to be having a tough time going to the bathroom, so we are going to try some prune juice.  You also have had a diaper rash for a few weeks now that isn't going away.  We've gonna give the cloth diapers a break and put you in disposables with diaper cream for awhile, and hopefully that will help.

Cheerios have become a lifesaver these days.  You LOVE them, and it's a great way to keep you quiet and content when we are out.  You are getting really good at feeding them to yourself and you can pick them up now with your thumb and pointer finger instead of raking them around with your whole hand. 

Another food that we discovered you LOVE.... cheese!  Like mother, like daughter.  Cheese is quite possibly my favorite food, and we found out that your love it too.  You reach for it and grunt and groan when it is around until we feed you some.  A slice of cheese has become a lifesaver with you in the grocery store.  You will sit in the cart as happy as a clam as long as there is cheese!

We'd like for you to drink more water, but you are not really a fan of the sippy cup.  You drink a little bit from it, but you much prefer to use a big girl cup.

Ha ha!

In general, you remain a very happy, content baby and Mommy and Daddy thank our lucky stars for you every day!

Here are your 9 month pictures:

Your current favorite things are:

Toy: Tray from your Step and Play Piano
Food: Cheese
Activity: Jumping in your doorway bouncer and clapping your hands
Time of Day: Morning
Person: Tie between Mommy and Daddy.  You truly light up like a firefly when either of us walk
              into a room!
Song: Row Row Row Your Boat

Here is your 9 Month video:

My little cheerleader!

Addy Marie Pumpkin, Mommy and Daddy love your gummy grin, kissable cheeks, and sweet baby laugh.  You are our world, and we love you more every single day.  We couldn't be happier than we are right now at this special, precious, fleeting time in our lives.

Love, always and forever,


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