Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pumpkin Princess

We had a fun filled week with Aunt Tina visiting; so you know that meant at least one photo shoot for Addy.  We found a picture of a baby in a pumpkin on pinterest, and we knew Addy was dying to replicate it ;)

We also got out Addy's high chair and put it to use for the first time.  She is definitely big enough for it, so we don't need to feed her out of the bumbo anymore.  We knew she was growing out of the bumbo when she started to be able to slide herself across the table in it by flailing her body around.  Yup, time to move on :)

"Check me out in my new seat!"

"I wonder what Daddy is doing?"  (Ha ha, you are about to find out Addy.)

I may be big enough for this new seat, but I still can't manage to keep all of my food in my mouth.  So sue me.

After we fed Addy her breakfast we headed out to the front porch for the pumpkin photo shoot.  We figured we'd better get it done in the morning since that is always her most pleasant time of day.

"Hello.  I'm just hangin' in a pumpkin."

"Headband change.  Notice my doggie's silhouette in the doorway.  She's wondering what the heck is going on out here."

Just doing the wave.

"Man, this modeling stuff is tough work."

"Do not even think of putting that pumpkin top on my head..... I'm serious.  Do. Not."

Ha ha, she was just the cutest little pumpkin princess.  And she was miraculously very pleasant.  We thought she'd scream as soon as we put her in there, but she was fine.  Until we pulled that move at the end.  Then she was kind of over it.  Tina, of course got much better pics that you can check out here.

But the next day I whipped out that pumpkin again (this time on the back porch for a change of scenery), because my friend sent Addy some headbands and she asked for some cute pics of her in them to put on her Etsy website.  So, of course we didn't disappoint.

How cute is she with her little pumpkin?....

It was very cute until I realized that her mouth was turning green from the stem that she was gnawing  on.  Oooops!  Bye-bye little pumpkin.

Next headband

I couldn't believe how pleasant she was in there....again!

I know I sound like a broken record, but man, how cute is she??????

OK Addy, last headband.  I promise.  "Thumbs up to that, Mom."

I can take a's time to end this.

Ewwww, OK now it's really time to end this.  Pumpkin photo shoot, take two: done.

For a sneak peak at yet another photo shoot, take a look at my friend's Etsy site here.

And at the end of it all, we had to do those dang weekly photos too.  We made it this far, can't stop now.  Sorry Addy.  You'll be a year old before you know it and then maybe we'll slow down a little ;)

"Mommy, pick me up."

She loves this little tray.

"Put. The. Camera. Down."  OK, OK.  We're all done.  I promise this time.

So there you have it.  Through a bombardment of photos, that is what Addy's most recent week consisted of.  I have to say that for the sheer amount of photos that this girl has to endure, she takes it like a champ!

See ya next time!


  1. Oh Addy, you're going to hate us when you're older:) Hahah I love the one where she's doing the wave:)