Monday, January 23, 2012

First Steps!

She did it!  Addy took her first steps last week!  January 18th, to be exact.  She took two steps while my friend Jess was over at our house visiting.  Then two days later when Mike got home from work, she took six steps to get to him!  It was awesome!  I have not been able to get any pictures or videos yet, but that is on my "To-Do" list this week.  Before we know it she'll be running all over the place! 

Here are her weekly pics:

Addy loves her blocks... especially banging them together!

Making a phone call ;)

Of course, the TV remote is a hot commodity too :)

Tina is currently on her way down for a visit and we are so excited!  Addy's first birthday party is this coming weekend and it's gonna be party mania this week to get ready.  There will only be 12 people there (including us), because we wanted to keep her first birthday party small and intimate, with just family.  I am so excited for our families to come down here and celebrate with us!  I'll keep you posted on all of the details :)

Happy Monday!

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