Monday, January 16, 2012

Pool Princess

Ever since we joined the Y last week, we have been chomping at the bit to get over there, but with Addy and I both feeling a little bit under the weather, we figured it would be best to wait until this week.  We decided that since Mike and I both had off today we'd head over and try out ..... the pool! 

Addy hasn't been in a pool since Aunt Sue and Uncle Lee's in July..... and we'll just say she wasn't a huge fan then.  Since I've been thinking about enrolling us in "Mom and Me" swim classes, I figured it would be best to test the waters (literally) before hopping in with a whole bunch of strangers. 

So off we went.  Let me just say that Addy did so much better than I expected her to do!  I expected crying, hysterics even, when we put her in the water, but she was a champ.  Was she scared?  I'm pretty sure she was terrified, but I think Mike and I both being there helped a lot.  And there were a lot of other kids swimming around, which helped to distract her from the fact that she was submerged in a bath tub bigger and colder than any she had ever seen. 

Trying it out on the ledge first

Just getting in....

It looks like she is about to cry, but she never did!  Not once! 

She even dunked her own head under once after we did!  That proved to terrify her as well, but she just remained wide eyed and stiff as a board.  Still no crying, so Mike and I took that as a good sign and kept plugging along.  We ended up staying in the water for 20 minutes, at which point we noted that she must have been getting chilly because she was turning slightly blue.  We took that as our cue that it was time to end our first swim session.  (Brilliant pickup huh?)  But only after a few more photos of course....

Who's excited??  I'll give you a clue.  Not Addy ;)

I'll say it again.  Our little nugget was such a champ today.  She even let us splash her face and pull her along in the pool so that she was "swimming"!  Did she love it?  Nope.  But she tolerated it, and that was more than I ever hoped for on our first try.

When we got home, we put Addy down for a nap, and over two hours later she was still sleeping!!

I said to Mike, "Man, swimming must really wear her out!"

His response: "Yup, either that, or being terrified for 20 minutes really wears her out."

Hmmmm.....  You are looking at the Parents of the Year.

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  1. Hhahah Mike's comment is hilarious:) I want to go swimming with Addy!