Friday, February 3, 2012

One Year Old!!

Dear Adilyn,

You are a big girl now!  A whopping one year old already!  I really, really can't believe that my baby girl is no longer a baby.  You have made so many strides this past month; it's a good thing I write them down so I can remember them all.

You remain our tall, thin girl.  I was even a little bit worried that maybe you weren't gaining enough weight, but the doctors assured me that you are perfect (I didn't need too much assurance of that!).  You are just a skinny little nugget with a tiny little tushy :)

Weight: 18 lb, 8.5 oz (30th percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (55th percentile)
Head: 46 cm (75th percentile)

We were worried for awhile that you might be allergic to cows milk, but the doctor didn't think your rashes were from that.  She said that the rash on your face is more likely from saliva, especially because you are a big time thumb sucker these days.  You used to only suck your thumb when you were tired, but you have been doing it a lot more frequently lately.  And then your diaper rash was probably because you were sick at the time.  I'm thinking the doctor was right because we started giving you cows milk and dairy products again last week and all is well.  Your face is still red, but not worse, and you don't have a diaper rash right now.  Yay!! 

Your hair is really starting to fill in, although it's still a little bit sparse on the top.  Your point remains intact, and it has started to curl :)  You are getting some fine wisps over your ears too, which are so cute.  No haircut for you yet :)  You love when I brush your hair, and you love to mimic that.

You have started standing without holding onto anything, and a few weeks before your first birthday you took your first steps!!!!  Your main mode of transportation is still crawling (or cruising), as you haven't quite perfected the walking thing yet.  I can tell that you are so nervous when you walk, so you only ever take a few steps and then you gradually lower yourself down.  Our cautious girl :)

You finally started saying "Ma ma"!  Now, I can't get too excited yet, because you don't say it much, and usually its just you repeating it when I say it, but we're heading in the right direction.  You have actually started trying to repeat lots of words that we say, and your newest one is "sock".  It's so fun watching you learn all of these new words!

You are becoming more and more interactive every day, and now you can communicate by pointing to what you want and also by shaking your head "no". 

You love to play with your toys, especially your walking toys like Dino, your princess car, and your stroller.  You look at me like, "Check me out Mom.  I'm walking!"  You also love to hug your dolls, which is so precious.  You know your stuffed animals by name and point to them every morning.  Zoe, Lammy, Piggy, and Teddy.  You point to them and I say their names many, many times every day.  You started stacking objects this past month too, like your rings.  You used to just take them off, but now you can put them back on too.

One of your favorite games is "Peek-a-boo".  You can really play it too, which I love!  You duck down behind something and hide, and then I say "Where's Addy?", and you pop back up, and I say "There she is!!".  I really think you could play for hours if I could withstand it ;)

Another thing that we have discovered about you is that you love photos of people.  Every time we pass the family calendar in the kitchen you want to stop and point to everyone in the pictures.  And you get such a huge smile on your face when you do.  Actually, when you are cranky or crying, the family calendar is often where we go to calm you down!  Any photos that you see, you point to them and want to hold them.

Your favorite TV show is (unfortunately) "The Fresh Beat Band".  I say unfortunately, because I find that show to be incredibly annoying, and there are so many shows that are so much cuter.  But nope.  No other TV show captures your attention like your beloved "Fresh Beat Band".  Sigh ;)

This past month has also brought out the stranger anxiety phase.  Yup, now you cry when Daddy or I leave you, and it's so heartbreaking.  I hope that it doesn't last long.

You are still a great sleeper.  Nap times have been a breeze lately, and you still take 2 naps a day (at 10 and 2).  This seems to be working because you have been sleeping for about an hour and a half in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.  Then to bed around 7:15 until about 7:30 in the morning.  And bedtime is such a breeze too (am I jinxing myself????).  We give you a bath, a bottle and then you lay your head on my shoulder and suck your thumb for a minute or so.  After a minute you decide that you have had enough snuggle time and you lunge for your crib.  No crying, no fuss.  I realize that bedtime will not always be wine and roses, so I'll take it while I can get it! 

Well, there was your last month in a nutshell, little tyke.  Every month is more fun than the last, and I'm thinking that God made it that way to help parents cope with the fact that their children grow up way too fast! 

Here are your 1 year photos!!!!

You still have 6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom) and you have a little gap in your top teeth which is so cute!

Those pictures were all taken on your birthday, which was the day before your party.  Your birthday party was so fun and we have tons of pictures and videos (thanks to Aunt Tina and Uncle Jay), so those will be coming to the blog soon :)

Addy Marie, you are Mommy and Daddy's most favorite little lady, and you bring more smiles to our faces on an hourly basis than we ever thought possible.  This past year with you has been the hardest, but also the most joyful year of our lives.  Every bit of work that it takes to raise you is 100% worth it.  All we need in return is that toothy grin, and life is good :)  Mommy and Daddy love you all the way to the moon.... and back.




  1. WooHoo!!! Cook-Out milkshakes for Addy!!!

  2. Aww. Happy birthday! I love reading your summaries b/c they are so close to what we are doing too. Addy is such a big girl now. It has been following along this year!