Tuesday, April 19, 2011

11 Weeks and Our First Road Trip

Mike, Addy, and I headed up to PA on Addy's 11 Week birthday.  It was a whole different ball game in comparison to the car trips that we're used to.  The days of stopping only once for gas, 5 minute bathroom break, and a fly-by through the drive-thru are looooooong gone.  Instead of the usual 6.5-7 hours that it takes us, it took a good 9 hours this time.  9 hours with a sick dog and an infant that blew out not one, but two outfits on the trip.  And she wasn't very interested in eating on the road either, so it took twice as long to feed her than it normally does.  Oh yeah, and we got a speeding ticket too.  Not. a. fun. ride.

And my little Civic that I've been so loyal to, and claimed that I wouldn't get rid of....gone.  One long car trip with a husband, baby, and dog in that little car was one too many.  We had to have my seat pushed way up to get her car seat in behind me and there was not nearly enough trunk space.  So, bye-bye Honda Civic; hello Honda Accord.   Ahhhh, soooo much better.
The trip back down to NC was so much smoother, but still long.  9 hours again.  I shudder to think of how long it's going to take us to get to Allentown, when it normally takes us 8-9 hours to get there.  We shall see.

We had such a great visit with Mike's family and his parents had a get together on Friday evening for the whole family to meet Addy.  There were about 20 family members there, and everyone adored her (of course ;) ).  She is one lucky little lady to have so many people that love her.

And another exciting part of the trip was that we got to meet our nephew Luca!  Addy is only 12 days older than Luca, so they will grow up together, which is awesome.  They played under the activity mat together, slept side by side while we ate at a restaurant, and even slept in the same crib!  It's amazing to watch them together and see how two babies that are essentially the same age can be so different.  Addy is so wide awake.... all. day. long.  Luca, on the other hand is quite the little sleeper.  He can eat through anything, Addy hates distractions.  Both sleep pretty well at night.  Addy usually gets up once, Luca twice.  So it was definitely amazing to meet him and we can't wait to watch him and Addy grow up together.

Onto the pictures!

Luca and Addy meeting for the first time!

Addy and Grandma

Remember when I talked about who was a good napper and who wasn't?  Prime example.

Activity Mat Time!  Addy is pumped!

Snoozin at Dave's Dream.  Don't worry, true to form Addy didn't snooze for long.

Look at how intent she is on that book.  Our little girl doesn't miss a beat!

Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Hetrick with Addy

Tummy time for the little ones while Owen shows them the ropes of how to roll over

All three babies: Owen, Luca, and Addy


Grandma and Pap with Addy

Addy met all kinds of friends on this trip!  Addy and Ben

Addy and her puppy

Mike attempting to feed Addy at a rest stop; hoping that getting away from the distractions would help her eat better.  Haha, no such luck.

Gotta love this little face!

All in all, our road trip was a success.  So much so that we're doing it all again in a week and a half!  This time, heading to my hometown.  Wish us luck!

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