Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backyard: Before and After

Ever since we moved into our house 2 and 1/2 years ago we had been talking about redoing our backyard.  When we moved in it was a mess of huge trees, ivy galore, and dirt.  So, slowly we have been revamping it and we are thrilled with the finished product.  What a transformation!!

Before: (Last year)
Daisy made an appearance in several of the pics :)

It wasn't until we had some of the trees taken down that we realized how many trees there were back there!  We had 19 large trees in our backyard, which prevented much sunlight from hitting our yard and left our deck with a constant stream of pine needles.  Sooooo glad we got rid of a bunch of those trees.  And we still have 11 left!

Immediately after we had 8 trees taken down: 

Now that there is more space and more sunlight back there, this year we decided to take the leap and get sod placed!  We chose Bermuda grass because it would be the hardiest (which is what we need with a crazy dog tearing around all the time!)

Immediately before the sod:  (A beautiful dirt pit.... Wow I forgot how bad it really was!)

We had some mulch put in the back where we still don't get much sun and had some azalea bushes planted back there as well. 

Right before the sod was laid:

Immediately after the sod was laid:

And now that the grass isn't dormant anymore....drum roll please......the finished product!!!:

Yay!  We love love love our new and improved yard!  Now we just pray that Daisy doesn't destroy it! 

(Random sidenote: Notice the cloth diapers hanging in the last yard picture?  How cute are they?)

It's like a rainbow in my yard :)

Heading back to PA tonight to visit my fam!  Wish us luck!

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  1. Wow looks amazing!! So nice and perfectly green:)