Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Videos from Hollidaysburg

Here are a few of the videos that I took of the babies on our visit.  Enjoy!

I also caught a few of Addy's first laughs on video!  Of course by the time I found my video camera she was about laughed out, but I caught a few at the end of the video.  So adorable!  Grandma Hetrick was actually the first one to hear her laugh the day before this video was made, but this was the first time Mike and I heard her!

Poor Addy has diaper rash for the first time.  She has been so miserable today and that is the culprit.  We're trying to give her as much "free" time without a diaper as we can to dry it out.  We can't use any creams with the cloth diapers, so we're just being vigilant about changing her diapers frequently and keeping her clean and dry.  Then tonight we put some A+D ointment on and put her in a disposable diaper since we won't be changing her as often at night.  Hopefully it'll clear up soon.  It's pitiful to see her so miserable.  It rips my heart out and I just want to fix it for her.  Ah, motherhood.

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  1. Aww addy marie! She sounds like a real person! :)