Saturday, April 9, 2011

Addy's First Videos

I made a few videos of Addy during her first month in this world and I'm trying to remember how to post them.  Here we go!  (Sorry about my annoying voice.  Ever notice how awkward it is to listen to yourself on video?)

Wow, loading these videos on here takes a loooonnnng time!  I need to be better about loading them as soon as I take them so I don't have to do so many on one post.  There are a few more from her first month, but we'll end this post with the three week video. 

More videos tomorrow.  It's so fun for us to watch them in succession to see how different she is already from her first video!


  1. Love all the videos! You must post more:)

  2. Love these! Please post all of them! It's so great to get to see the progression of Addy; I love it! Love, Mom