Monday, August 1, 2011

First Solid Food....Finally!

Yup, we've finally made it to the 6 month mark and started feeding Addy some rice cereal once a day.  We started a few days before her six month birthday because Addy and I were going to be up in Philly visiting Aunt Tina on the exact day.  And of course it was an experience Daddy wanted to be part of too :) 

Feeding babies solid foods off of a spoon for the first time never fails to be hilarious.  It ends up slopped and sprayed everywhere, with more on the bib, the table, and us than actually ends up in her belly.  But it's so fun!  And don't worry, we got tons of pics and a video or two ;)

We started with rice cereal mixed with breast milk because it is the easiest to digest, causes the least number of allergies, and is closest in taste to what she's used to.  We are doing the recommended one time a day for now.  Most sources recommend that the one time a day be in the morning so that you have all day to see if your baby developes a reaction.   But we give it to her at dinner time instead because it just works better for us.  That way Mike and I are both there, and we hoped it would help keep her from melting down so early in the evening, and maybe help her sleep longer at night. 

Those last two things we hoped for?  Rice cereal hasn't seemed to make a bit of difference.  Addy is still Crankpot Marie starting around 6:30 every evening.  As far as sleeping longer at night?  She still gets up between 4 and 5AM almost every night to eat and then goes back to bed until about 7:30.  That may be more out of habit than anything else.  Once she starts getting more solids we are going to have to try to rid her of that night time wake up.  Sigh.  That'll be fun.

Onto the pics!

Getting ready

"Oooh Mom, that looks delicious!  I'll take that please."

Yes, we have learned NOT to keep that bowl on her tray.  Ha ha!


Open that little birdie mouth!

"Here Mom, let me help you guide that spoon."

"Bring it on Dad!  I'm ready."


"This spoon is also good to chew on."

Excited baby toes!

"This is awesome!"

I love how her little hand wraps around our fingers.

There's that smile we all know and love :)

"Do I have anything on my face?"

"How about now?"

All clean and happy!

"Aunt Tina, is that you?"

"Oh my gosh it's Face Time!  Good thing I got cleaned up first!"

"Now that's what I call a good day!"

Sorry for the bombardment of pics, but who are we kidding?  We all knew I'd go crazy with her first food!  And, as to not disappoint, here are the videos!

All in all, the first attempt with solid food went really well.  Even if she didn't get much of that rice cereal actually in her belly, she sure was excited about it!


  1. I wish we would have taken a video when I fed her, so we could hear her go "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" while eating:) You'll have to get one like that! We also need to do facetime again soon:)

  2. Cereal today...chicken and waffles tomorrow! I absolutely LOVE the videos. :-) :-) :-)

  3. Ava goes NUTS over her food too. We have been doing cereal for a while and just started peas last week. A mom and dad who don't know how to feed a baby with a spoon and a baby who doesn't know how to eat from a spoon is a recipe for hilarity. But we are all getting better!