Thursday, October 11, 2012

20 Months!

Dear Big Sister,

That's right, you became a big sister this past month!  When I was pregnant you would kiss, hug, and pet my belly saying, "Emmy, Emmy."  You were so gentle and loving towards your little sister before she was even born. 

We were worried that you wouldn't react very well once Emmy arrived, but you were amazing with her from the first time you met.  On your 20 month birthday you had only been a big sister for 2 days, but you were a great one already.  You love to touch her, kiss and hug her, and rock her.  Aunt Tina got some great pictures of you and Emmy meeting for the first time in the hospital.  You were enthralled with her and all smiles that day.  It was so wonderful for Daddy and I to witness the love that you have for your new sister.

This past month has been a busy one for us.  We went to Virginia Beach with Aunt T, Uncle Jay, Grandma, Jim, and Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa.  You loved being there with everyone, but weren't thrilled with the beach.  You much preferred the pool.  It was funny because we would be at the beach and you would turn around and say "Bye-Bye.  Pool.", and start walking away toward the pool.  You didn't care if you had to go alone, you were outta there!  Ha ha!  We all had a great time that week.  You also got your very first haircut while we were there!  Mommy botched it a little bit (or maybe a lot), but hopefully it'll grow back in a little bit fuller :)

You also started preschool this past month!  Your class is called the "Transitional Twos", which means that it is for 18-24 month olds.  Everyone in the class will turn two during the school year sometime.  You really love school, which is great!  The first morning we dropped you off you didn't even cry!  You did cry for a few seconds the next few days, but I would stand in the hallway for a minute or so, and you would stop crying right away with a little distraction from the teachers.  Both of your teachers, Miss Cherilyn and Miss Stacey, say that you are adapting wonderfully and that you are a joy to have in their class :)  There are 7 kids total in your class and with the two teachers, I feel like it's the perfect size.  It's great for you to have some time with kids and other adults.

Music class also started back up this month and you love, love, love music class!  You continue to rock out in the middle of the circle and it melts my heart to see how much joy you get out of music.  Whenever it's Wednesday night and it's time for class you get so excited and say, "Church!  Church!".  (Music class is at our church.)  Before music class we sometimes go to the church fellowship hour for dinner, and all of the older girls love playing with you there.  And since you are the center of attention, you love it too!  You get to run all  around and play and dance.  It's fun to watch you!  You also started going to Sunday school on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:45.  Another thing that you love.  I'm telling you, all of these church related functions are your favorite. 

This past month you have started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama".  Don't know what prompted that, but one day you just stopped saying "Mama".  You still call Daddy "Dada", but I am "Mommy" now.  Our little baby is growing up!

Sometimes on rainy days we'll go to the mall so that you can play in the play area there.  It's awesome watching you, because you are so independent and you just take off running to play as soon as we get there.  I am always so proud of you when we go, because you are great about waiting your turn for the slide and you play so nicely with the other kids.  I love taking you there :)

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" remains your favorite song, and this past month you have started to try to sing along!  It's the cutest thing.  You still love your Dog book, Hooray for Fish, and the Wide Mouthed Frog.  Usually Daddy reads you all three of those before he puts you to bed.  Daddy is the bedtime guy, and he does your whole bedtime routine, which is so nice since it was really hard for me when I was pregnant.  He gives you a bath, brushes your teeth, gets on your jammies, reads you books, sings you lullabies and puts you to bed.  You have the best Daddy in the whole wide world and he loves you so, so much!  One of my greatest joys is sitting downstairs in the living room listening to him sing you a lullaby through the baby monitor.   I can't help but smile :)

Here are some pictures from your 20 Month Birthday:

"Emmy" got you this baby in a stroller as gift when she got home from the hospital.  You love it!  The pink balloon that is behind you in this picture was your gift to Emmy when we got home.  Seeing you standing in the driveway waiting for us with that pink balloon on a string in your hand was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.  It is a precious memory that I will never forget.

Your first full day with your little sister!

Outside to play!

Love, love, love this picture!!!

Taking your job very your little cupped hand behind Emma's head :)

Here you are saying, "Hi Emmy."

Kisses :)

Emma somehow managed to sleep through it all!

Honk! Honk!  Honking peoples noses is one of your new favorite things to do.  Can't leave little Emmy out of the fun!

High five for Daddy :)

Playing in your house....gotta love your expressions!  That's one of the first things that your teachers said about you.... Your expressions are hilarious!

Close up of my big girl at 20 months old :)
I can't believe how big you are getting!  Especially seeing you next to Emma.  You are such a joy in our lives Addy, and seeing your interactions with your little sister melts my heart every time.  You are such a little love bug, and you make us smile a million times a day :)
Happy 20 Months Big Sister!

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  1. Addy is getting so big! She seems like a giant now that Emma is here:) Love the videos, AND that picture of me and my two nieces!