Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Self Portrait

Here we are, back in the newborn stage, where my life is completely consumed with nursing my baby.  I am only holding onto my sanity by the knowledge that this too, will fly by.  I barely remember nursing Addy, and less than a year ago I was still doing it! 
So I shall persevere.... 
....through the sleepless nights.
....through the pain and discomfort.
....through the constant annoyance at the fact that I am the ONLY one who can do this for her.
I shall persevere...
....because I want to provide my baby with the very best nutrition that I am capable of providing.
....because I want to share with her all of my antibodies to help her fight sickness.
....because research has proven that breastfed babies are less likely to end up with allergies, asthma, multiple GI diseases, respiratory infections, ear infections, and a whole host of other illnesses.
....because breast milk is always readily available (hello ball and chain), and doesn't require preparation.
....because breastfeeding lowers my risk of getting breast cancer.
....because I will (hopefully) return to my pre-pregnancy weight quicker.
....because once we get through the pain and feeding frequency of the newborn period, it will get much better.
 ....because breastfeeding is free.
...not because I enjoy it.  This sounds so dismal I know.  It's just that I read all of these things about how nursing your baby is such a bonding, happy, peaceful experience.  Ummm, yeah.  Not so much.  Nursing my newborn babies has been uncomfortable at best, and excruciatingly painful at worst.  It has come with cracks and infections (yes, both are as painful as they sound), much frustration, and multiple trips to lactation consultants.  It has come with the feeling that I can't ever leave the house for more than ten seconds, for fear that my baby might be hungry.
I found myself daydreaming the other day that I could say to Mike, "I nursed Addy, so this time it's your turn."  Ha ha.  If only.  But, this too shall pass, and in no time at all I will barely remember this all consuming thing in my life.  And one thing I know for sure is that I will never look back and regret it. 
So I shall persevere.
This is my self portrait, but it makes me laugh because it's not really a realistic portrayal of what I typically look like while nursing.  I do not usually have on makeup or jewelry.  I am not usually covered in my own home (but that would be a little weird to post for the world to see).  And last but not least...see that hint of a smile?  It's not usually there ;)
Ah, the life of a nursing mother.  Welcome to my October ;)


  1. You're such a good momma:) I hope I can persevere like you one day!

  2. Amen to that! You're a wonderful and dedicated mom! Your girls are lucky to have you!