Tuesday, October 16, 2012

3 Weeks In

Emma has officially been here for three weeks now, and already I can't imagine it any other way.  She just fits right into our family.  It's funny how much easier the transition is with the second child.  You know what to expect, so it's not such a shock to the system.  Now granted, getting up for those middle of the night feeds is always a shock to the system, but we are even adjusting to that pretty well.  Everything is just falling into place. 

I think a lot of it has to do with my attitude this time around.  I feel almost nostalgic already.  It wasn't all that long ago that Addy was a newborn, and now she seems like such a big girl.  I think about how time really does fly by.  I am reminded of that every day, and it makes me rejoice in the everyday moments a little bit more than I was able to the first time. 

With your first baby everything seems so all consuming.  You can't really look beyond the here and now.  Every stage seems like it's going to last forever.  But with your second baby, all you have to do is look at your first child and you are reminded of how quickly it all flies by.  Knowing this makes it much easier to take the trying times in stride.  The times when she wants to eat every 45 minutes.  The times when it's one o clock in the morning and she won't go back to sleep.  The times when she spits up and/or poops all over her third outfit of the day and it's only 10AM.  Even these everyday newborn annoyances just aren't quite as annoying this time around.

And then there are the sweet times with a newborn.  I feel like I am trying to hold on tightly to all of these moments because Emma will most likely be our last baby, and that makes me sad.  So I find myself videotaping her little noises or her peaceful sleeping face.  Things that would be very boring for anyone else to watch.  But not for me.  I want to remember all of these precious little newborn moments. 

Baby Squeaks :)

So here is a glimpse into our house over the past three wonderful weeks:

Emmy's welcoming committee :)

Just got home

One day old :)

Snoozing in Uncle Ken's cradle

First PSU game... pretty pumped ;)

Big sister is ready!

Addy's favorite phrase is, "It's OK Emmy."

Snuggles with Daddy
Emma's first bath at home

The dogs are standing by in case we need any help.

Yikes!  This is what a two day post pregnancy body looks like.

Bath time is over.

Snug as a bug :)

Flowers and balloon from Aunt Tina

Playing outside on a gorgeous fall day :)
Addy video

Family photo :)
It's been a great few weeks filled with family, friends, people bringing us meals and treats, and Mike being home with us the whole time.  It's kind of like a little fantasy world for now.  I love nothing more than these simple days spent with my husband and two little girls.  People ask me all of the time how I am handling having two children under the age of two.  I tell them that we are rockin' it right now..... but ask me again in a few weeks when Mike goes back to work!

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  1. I love seeing all of these photos! Can't wait to come back again!