Monday, August 11, 2014

Emma: 22 Months!

Dear Janers,
You are really growing up and talking up a storm lately.  As you desperately try to figure out your world, your favorite phrase is, "What happened?"  You get this concerned look on your face and ask that question numerous times throughout the day and at least 10 times during every cartoon ;)

You are so very sweet and usually easy to please, which is lovely.  You love to give hugs and kisses, and lately you've wanted to be held a lot.  But you are also starting to hold your own with Addy.  While you don't necessarily "fight" back, you are definitely learning to tell on her.  I see you run up to me with that lower lip pushed out saying, "Addy push!  Addy push!".  Or I'll hear you yell at her, "Addy share!!!"  But you love your big sister so very much and while she was at day camp for the past few weeks you asked several times every morning, "Where's Addy?".  And then when we picked her up, you would run up to her and give her a big hug saying, "I missed you!"  It was the sweetest little thing!

I would say one of your favorite activities this summer is pushing your stroller around the driveway and sidewalk.  You love it!  Addy rides her bikes and you push the stroller and you are as content as can be.

And Popsicles are the highlight of your day.  Almost every afternoon we head outside and enjoy a cold treat.  Ahhh, gotta love summer!

This next picture I absolutely love!  You were having such a great time carting around my camera like it was an accessory.  You still are my little accessory queen!

Even in the pool one day, you refused to take off your Crocs, yelling, "Crocs on!  Crocs on!"

And Fourth of July, here you are in all your glory.  Beautiful dress, hair bow, necklaces, and toy flag :)

Even a helmet classifies as an accessory in your book.  Once I put this on your head, you did not want to take it off, even long after you were done riding :)

You and Daddy have been coming with me to the high school track for my speed workouts while Addy is at camp, and you really enjoy stretching those little legs and running around the track.  You are quite the little motivator!

As every toddler does, you have had your share of bang ups this month.  The big one being when Addy accidentally (?) knocked you into the edge of her bed.  Ohhh you had such a purple goose egg, and ended up with black eyes to boot.  But you were such a trooper and never really whined about it. 

I can't believe in one short month you will be heading to your first year of preschool!  You still seem like a baby to me.  But I know that you aren't and we've been trying to work with you on some things that will be helpful in school.  Things like sitting still for a book.  We have been working and working, but you are not interested in sitting down and listening to a story.  The teachers might have their work cut out for them there.  You can count to five, which is great!  And you can sing (your version of) the ABC song.  Then there are colors.  You have no idea which colors are which.  None.  And we've been working on it, but this is how it usually goes:

I know that you'll get there, and that you aren't even two yet, but we're trying to get the ball rolling since you will already be the very youngest child in the entire school.  (You must be two by Sept 30 to start preschool and of course your birthday is the 25th, so you squeak in by a whopping five days.)

Emma, you are such a fun loving, funny, sweet little lady and I thank God for you every single day.  And your little pigtails?  They kill me with cuteness!

I love you so, so very much!



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