Thursday, August 28, 2014

Emma: 23 Months!

Dear Janer-Rainer,

You will be TWO next month!!!!  I honestly feel like you just turned one!  This year has flown by and in less than two weeks you will be starting school!  Daddy and I cannot believe that you are going to school already; you seem way too young.  But when Addy started school in NC she was even younger than you.  I guess to me you will just always be my baby.

But I know that you'll do great in school!  People are always commenting on how well you communicate for being so young.  You speak in full sentences and (9 times out of 10) I can understand what you're saying.  And if I don't, you repeat yourself slowly so that I can.  It's adorable.  Lately you have been very into reciting the names of everyone that you know, and that is one of your favorite nighttime activities while you lie in your crib.  It's so cute to listen to :)

You and Addy are very into The Lion King this month, and you ask to watch it multiple times every single day.  It's like you were with Frozen, but maybe not quite as bad ;)  And where you used to not care what was on TV, now if it's a cartoon that you don't like you have no problem telling me so and requesting The Lion King instead.

You are as into fashion as ever, and what is more fashionable to a child than some face paint?
"Let me just fluff the hair.... perfect."

Speaking of hair, you got your first real ponytail this month!  Your hair probably would have fit in one a while back, but (like your sister) you are not a fan of people messing with your hair.  But we managed to get one!

Here's you and Daddy joining me at the track again.  (This was the middle school track.  Not as nice as the high school one, but definitely less crowded.)

I have two videos of you from this month.  The Ice Cream (or should I call it "Hand's Down"?) video:

... and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video.  You and I were nominated together :)

Here is a picture I took just this morning:
My little doll baby :)

Emma, you are so cute and sweet that everyone who meets you remarks on those things.  You are the world's best greeter, shouting "Hello!" until the person responds.  You have the sweetest voice I've ever heard, and when you say, "Mommy, I missed you!"" and "Mommy, I love you!", while simultaneously burying your head into my shoulder, my heart melts just a little bit every time.

I love you to the moon and back baby girl!



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