Thursday, March 31, 2011

2 Months!

Dear Addy Marie,
     Wow, you are two months old already!  Your 2 month birthday was this past Sunday, the 27th of March.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun!  You have been such a joy and a blessing to your daddy and me over the past two months.  Life pre-baby seems like a million years ago!

You have made such amazing strides since last month and it is so fun to watch all of the new things that you are learning about the world every day.
Your newest discovery is your own hands.  It's so funny to watch you, because you hold them out in front of your face with your little hands in a fist and you are so intent and focused.  Then you will slowly bring your hands closer to your face and occasionally bop yourself in the face.  You then proceed to look totally startled, like "Who just hit me in the face????"  But you are definitely learning and that's a joy to watch.
You are also getting more and more alert and in tune with your surroundings every day.  You flash us that big toothless grin whenever we smile at you and it melts our hearts every time.  You are such a happy little girl as long as you have someone to play with.
On that note, you do NOT like to be alone.  Just like daddy.  You are happy as a clam as long as all of the attention is on you.  But you have a hard time entertaining yourself for very long.  Daddy and I might get a few minutes here and there, but usually when you are awake you demand attention.  But that's OK.  We love to shower you with hugs and kisses and cuddles.
Your favorite time of the day is the morning.  You are just a joy when you wake up.  We change your diaper, feed you, and then you sit under your mobile in your crib until mommy gets herself ready for the day.  You stare at your mobile with a huge smile on your face (which may or may not be because you are pooping under there!).  So by the time mommy is ready, you have usually decided that you are done being alone and we do another diaper change and start the day.
You are a girl on the go and you love to be in motion.  Whether it's a stroller ride, a car ride, or being carried around the long as you are in motion, you are a happy girl.  Whenever you get cranky a little stroll around the house with a little bit of bouncing is usually what it takes to calm you down. 
Playing under your activity mat is another of your favorite past times.  We can usually get a good half hour of fun and smiles under there before you start getting bored. 

You are always so alert and you don't want to miss a thing.  Because of that, you are not a fan of daytime napping.  Daddy and I try so many different things, but you fight us tooth and nail.  Sometimes you will only sleep in 15-30 minute increments during the day, but you make up for it at night.

You are a great night time sleeper!  We have a night time routine and you usually are asleep within minutes of being put down in your crib.  Daddy usually gives you your bath, and you love bath time.  Even if you were super cranky prior to your bath (as you often are in the evening), you calm right down and relax when we put you in your tub.  That's where the smiles come back out!  After your bath I feed you and then Daddy and I read you a story together and then put you to bed.  You are usually in bed around 10PM and then you wake up once between 3:30-5:30 to eat.  Then you go right back to sleep until around 7:30-8:30AM.  I can't complain about that at all!

We started using cloth diapers for you during this past month.  During your first month you were still too small for them and that pesky cord was still attached.  Once your cord finally fell off, we converted to your cute cloth diapers, and daddy and I both love them.  We started out with 12, but I just got 6 more for you so that I only have to wash them every other day (instead of daily).  They are so cute and come in so many colors.  I try to coordinate your diapers with your outfits, although no one sees them but us.  We still know they are matching, don't we?  Haha. 

Most people still agree that you look more like daddy, but everyone says that you are a good combination of both of us.  You have daddy's nose and eyes, and my lips.  You have beautiful, long eyelashes which you definitely didn't get from me.  We wonder what color your eyes will end up being.  They are still slate gray right now.  We also wonder what your hair will be like.  It is still light brown and baby fine right now.  You don't have much hair yet.

You definitely know your daddy and me and we love that!  If there are several other people in the room, you look at us and follow us around with your eyes. 

We also discovered early in your second month that you really watch the TV.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but you are mesmerized by the TV ;)  Could be anything on....even MMA, haha!

You have started making lots of little noises in the past month.  You love to hear yourself  "talk" and we love to hear it too!  Daddy's gonna be in for it.  Two chatterbox girls in the house!  Hearing all of your little coos and gurgles is so precious.  What will be your first word??  I am really trying for "mama", but I'm sure you'll say "dada" first.  Mommy's gonna keep drilling in "mama" and we'll see what happens. :)

You are such a big girl and you have been from minute one.  You were 8 lbs 10 oz at birth and you are now up to 11lbs 9.6 oz.  You were 21.75 inches long at birth and you are now 23.5 inches long.  At your first appt, your head circumference was 36 cm and now your head circumference is 40.3cm.  90th percentile for length and head circumference and 75th percentile for weight!

Here are some of your 2 month pictures:

There's that intent, cross-eyed, staring at your fist thing that you do!

Big girl!

You are a daddy's girl for sure!  He can always get you to smile!

Happy family!

Adilyn, you have made your daddy and I happier than you can ever imagine and we love you all the way to the moon and back!  You are our little princess girl, our addy-marinky-doodle, our spit-up head, our milk mouth....  Our list of nicknames for you goes on and on, but you are Adilyn Marie Hetrick, and you are the sunshine of our lives!  Happy 2 Month Birthday!  Love you baby girl!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Aunt Tina loves you too Addy Marie!!! PS - let me guess - Julie made the 2 month sign?!?