Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 Weeks!

It's a little late, but here are Addy's Eight Week Photos!

The camera never fails to bring out my wild eyes!

Put 'em up; put 'em up

An off the shoulder onesie.... don't mind if I do.

Addy was eight weeks old this past Thursday and she turned 2 months old on Sunday!  I can't believe it!  We were in Florida for the first half of her eighth week and then we hung out at home for the second half. 

Two of my very best friends came to visit this past weekend and we had a fantastic visit!  It was so great to see them, and especially to see them at the same time!  One came from Colorado and one from PA.  On Saturday night we got together with my other close friend (who lives down here) and the four of us had "girls night".  Out to dinner and then wine in the hot tub!  My idea of a perfect evening.  All three of these girls were bridesmaids in my wedding, and it was awesome to hang out with all of them together!  I was so sad to see my friends go, and being with them this past weekend reminded me of how great they are and how much I miss them.  Good friends are really hard to come by, and all three of these girls are the definition of good friends.  Love you girls!


  1. I smile every tiime I see her...

  2. Great pictures! I'm glad you got some time with your friends! You need to do that sometimes!