Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adilyn's Adventures

Little Addy is over a month old and it has been the best month of our lives!  She is such a blessing and we adore her more than we ever thought possible.

With that being said, her actual one month birthday was....well, it was an adventure.

I should have known that it was gonna be a long day right from the start, because Addy woke up at 2:30AM for the first time ever since bringing her home from the hospital.  She has never woken before 3AM, and usually it isn't until closer to 5AM.  So Mike went in at 2:30AM to calm the beast.  (Those of you that know our little one know that when she is hungry, she lets the world know it!).

Well, that was innocent enough, but then I thought maybe she'd sleep longer in the morning.  Nope.  Still up at 5:45 for her next feed.  Still, not too bad.  Didn't actually think much of it until putting all of the days events together later and laughing about it.

Now it's about 10AM.  Mike and Paul went golfing and Debbie and I are getting ready for church.  Addy's first time at church!  We fed her, put her in a pretty dress and headed off to church. 

No sooner do we sit down in the pew that she starts to cry.  Seriously?  I thought I had her teed up and ready to sleep.  And there are some places that are more embarrassing than others to have your baby crying.  I'd say church ranks up there pretty high.  So we unbuckled her from her infant seat and Debbie took her outside for awhile.  When she came back in Addy was asleep, we put her back in her infant seat, and she was pretty good for the rest of the service.

As we were leaving I commented that I couldn't wait to get home because my shoes were killing my feet.

We get in the car, turn the key....and nothing.  Tried a few more times to no avail.  Yup, my car battery was dead.  I thought, "Well, at least we live close to the church.  We'll just walk home."  So we took out the infant seat and started walking.  Yes, with the baby in the heavy and awkward infant seat.  Didn't even cross my mind to take her out of it and leave the seat in the car until we were about halfway home and our arms were on fire.  Debbie and I just kept trading off who was carrying the baby in the infant seat. 

So my arms were on fire and my shoes drew blood on my feet.  I ended up taking off my shoes and walking barefoot, true white trash style, the rest of the way home.

Whew, we made it!  By this time Addy is hungry, because instead of taking us 5 minutes to drive home, it took about 40 to walk.  I was getting ready to feed her, but first she decided to have the biggest mess of a diaper I have seen to date.  I was so nervous that it would get on her outfit because I hadn't taken any pics of her in her "first time at church outfit" yet.  But luckily it didn't. 

So as I'm feeding her I'm thanking my lucky stars that the outfit was saved, and I'm thinking about all of the cute pics I'm going to take of her and I in our church attire.  At that moment she pulls away and decides to vomit EVERYWHERE!  This was no cute baby spit up.  It was projectile vomit that covered the couch pillows, her dress, my shirt, my pants,...her face.  I'm serious.  It was running into her eyes, up her nose, pooled in her ears.  This was more vomit than I ever imagined such a little person could produce.

But I was determined to at least get some pics of her cute outfit:
Yes she is covered in vomit here, but I plopped her down and snapped some pictures before I changed her. Haha.  The things she goes through for a photo op!  Note the headband and the cute little shoes :)
You can't really see it, but she even managed to get vomit on her headband!  The only things that were saved from this debacle were her socks and shoes.  I will say that despite it all, she was still smiling.  At least one of us was.

So after that mess there was no getting around giving her a bath right then and there.  But that darn cord is still hanging on, so we sponge bathed as usual.  She was so gross that I wanted nothing more than to put her in a tub, but I couldn't.  Then mommy needed a shower too because I was that gross.  I can tolerate a lot; I mean heck, I'm covered in spit up most of the time.  But this...this, even I couldn't sit around in for the rest of the day.  A simple outfit change wasn't gonna cut it.  Not this time.

OK, so now we are all clean and in a new outfit for our one month photo shoot.  Here's what she had to say about it:
"This headband is too tight and my dress is clearly too small for me!  It doesn't even snap in the back!"

Yes that is supposed to be a dress, not a shirt.  Haha!  I guess we have officially outgrown the newborn size.

Ahh, eventually she calmed down.

It was such a beautiful day!

Relaxin' with dad on the deck

Check out my bumblebee butt ;)

Content, clean baby!

Well, Addy's one month birthday proved to be a crazy one, complete with an early morning, a dead car battery, blisters on my feet, massive dirty diapers, projectile vomit, a ruined outfit, and crankiness....but it ended well.  And it could've been much worse.  Even though we had to walk home from church, at least it was close and it was a gorgeous day.  70 degrees and sunny...can't get any better than that.  (If only we would've left that darn infant seat in the car!).  And despite the huge amounts of vomit, not one drop got on the couch or the carpet!  I couldn't believe my good luck there. 

And most importantly, we got to spend the day with family.  Grandma and Pap were here and it was Mike's last day of paternity leave.

This past month has been a wild ride, but we wouldn't change a thing.  Not one single thing.  Our baby girl is the best thing that ever happened to us, and she is loved by soooo many people.  It's heartwarming to see.  She is one lucky girl, and we are two very lucky parents!

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  1. This comedy of errors could have been a sitcom show. I was laughing so much that I was in tears! Nice to kow that Addy has a sense of humor!