Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 6 With Addy

Addy baby is six weeks old today and I can't believe how much she is changing right before our eyes!  Big news for the week..... her cord finally fell off!  It fell off on Friday, when Aunt Tina was visiting.  Fairly gross when I opened her onesie to find that little black stump perched nicely on her diaper, not attached to anything.  After a slight freak out, I cleaned her new belly button (though that still looked kinda gross too) and promptly threw that black stump away.  I'm told that some people save them.....are you kidding me????  I am a sentimental person, but that is disgusting.

Anyway, other news for the week is that Addy started initiating smiles!  Sometimes she'll just look at you and grin and it absolutely melts the hearts of anyone who gets the privilege of receiving one.  Namely Uncle Jay.  Yup, Uncle Jay is Addy's new favorite person.  She would gaze up at him and just smile and smile and smile.  Like "Where have you been all my life?"  Tina and Jay visited this past weekend and I swear that Jay was the recipient of more smiles in his less than 48 hours with her than I have been in my 6 weeks with her!  But it was so sweet to see.  She loves him already.  Tina and I were reading that babies are attracted to friendly faces, and I can't think of a friendlier person than her uncle Jeremy.

So Addy got to visit with Aunt Tina (And don't worry Tina; just because we don't get as many smiles as Jay, doesn't mean she doesn't love us just as much!) and Uncle Jay, and she also got to meet her Great Uncle Dave and Great Aunt Linda.  They came on Sunday with my two cousins to visit and meet the little princess, and it was really nice to have them come.

And as usual, Addy has been all over creation this week.  Let's see.  We went to the Sawmill Taproom for lunch, I took her out for breakfast and to Barnes and Noble to meet friends, we went out for Chinese food with friends, over to a friends house....Yes, she has lots of friends already ;)  Haha!

Every day we try to figure out who Addy looks like and it's still hard to tell, but I see more and more of her daddy in her every week.  Not even so much in looks, although that is definitely there.  I'm starting to think she has his eyes, and definitely has his nose (which we've commented on in the 4D ultrasound in utero).

She also hates to be alone, just like her daddy.  Where as I love to be by myself sometimes, they both hate it.  Addy will be completely content in her bouncy seat, swing, pack and long as you are right next to her.  God forbid if you step away.  The cries start softly and they are so pitiful (which I'm sure she does on purpose to reel us back in).  But they get louder and louder until you are standing right next to her and talking.  Instantly, she stops and just watches you.  It's really sweet and heartwarming in a way.  But then reality strikes and I realize there are some things that I need to get done throughout the day that aren't easily accomplished while standing over a pack and play talking to an infant.  I now totally understand what people are talking about when they say that when you have a baby your house is a mess and nothing gets accomplished.  Somehow my days fly by and I feel like I've been busy all day....doing what?  There are days when I can't think of anything that I've gotten accomplished ....besides providing 100% of the care for another human being that is.  :)  I digress...

We were talking about ways that Addy is just like Mike.  Well, she has discovered that her hands are a good time to suck on and I think she's really trying to get to that thumb, although she hasn't found it yet.  And yes, Mike was a thumb sucker and I was not.

I also say that she has his belly issues since she is a spit-up queen and quite the burper and farter.  She often seems to be in pain after she eats too (classic Mike); arching her back and crying.  And when she poops...the whole house can hear it.  I'll leave it at that.  TMI?  Sorry.

Addy still has some of that baby acne going on and Mike says that he hopes she doesn't end up with skin like his.  I think her issues are just a baby thing though.

As for what Addy takes after mommy?  She sleeps with her mouth hanging wide open.  Yup, that's all I've found so far.  We both become narcoleptic in the car and sleep with our mouths hanging open.  Attractive right?  Sigh.  Sorry about that one Addy.  ;)

Ooooh, I thought of another first for the week.  With the loss of that pesky cord came....the first real bath!  On Saturday night we got out the baby tub and Mike and I bathed her while Tina took pics and a video.  She absolutely loves bath time!  Addy can be the crankiest crankpot all day, but as soon as you put her in that tub you can tell that she totally relaxes.  It's become a really nice nightly ritual and bonding time for us as a family.  Bath, then feed, then book.  In that order.  We used to reverse the last two, but we've found that after bath time is over she is usually so starving that she'd cry throughout the whole book until I fed her.  Kinda defeated the purpose.  She couldn't even hear our voices above her wailing.  But I think we've found the ticket now.  Hey, it's a learning process for everyone involved.

So there is my commentary about Addy's sixth week, and here are the pictures:

We're matching!  (But we actually took this picture to document the first time that Addy was definitely watching the TV.  What was she watching, you ask?  MMA...that's right; bloody, disgusting fighting was the very first TV that caught her attention.  I can't even watch MMA, but she was enthralled.  Hmmmm...)

Holly Heinnickel says "I'm a baby too...I need a bib."  So she stole, er, borrowed one of Addy's.

Oooh, another first!  My first time in the hot tub in over a year!  Also went on my first run in 10 months this week.  Big week!

As she gazes adoringly into her Uncle Jay's eyes

Ok, she looks kinda terrified here, but I promise she loves bath time.

Put me back in the tub!

Hangin with Aunt Tina.... and my full coverage bib.

Ah, how could I forget!  Other big news this week....first use of the cloth diapers!!!  She is finally big enough for them!  We love them so far!

In honor of the first week of cloth diapers we took our weekly photo in just a diaper and a shirt.

Daisy just had to get in on the action.  It was all I could do to keep her out of the pictures!

One of my favorite past times is looking in the mirror.  Boy am I beautiful!

Look at me!  Sittin' tall with Dad!
Ok, that was another ridiculously long post, but when it comes to our little girl, I have so much to say!  Happy Six Week Birthday Adilyn!  Your daddy and I know how very blessed we are to have you!


  1. Wow! She's getting Soooo BIG. Clearly no longer a newborn. Miss you all!!!

  2. Sigh, she does love Jay the most. PS - with the first picture of you matching - you may need to update the post, remember we took that picture because she was enthralled with MMA. :)