Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Made It!

Air travel with an infant; check.  We made it.  Unscathed.  I am beyond relieved!  What everyone said about it being fairly easy with a small baby in comparison to a toddler is totally true.  I bundled her in the Moby wrap and she slept the whole way there and back.  If she started to stir I just patted her back, and back to sleep she went.  It was really that easy.  The hardest part was getting everything ready and trying to anticipate every possible circumstance.  That and maneuvering through security with an infant and my carry on luggage.

I ended up feeding her in the Raleigh airport using my nursing cover before we boarded the plane and it worked out great.  She then slept through the take off, flight, and landing.  (I had a bottle and pacifier ready in case, but she didn't need them on the way down.)  On the way home I didn't have time to feed her in the airport before we left so I gave her a bottle during takeoff when she started to stir and she slept until we got to the car in Raleigh!  I was so proud of her!  What an expert traveler.

We had a great time in Florida with my grandparents, my mom, and my sister.  Everyone adored Addy and I joked (kind of) that I wanted to take them all home with me because they were such a huge help.  We took Addy to the beach, to a restaurant, to Ron Jon Surf Shop, and on a photo shoot.  She was great for all of it! 

And she really seemed to take a liking to beach living.  She slept great and was so content just laying on the floor by the screen door listening to the ocean in the background.  She would chat away on the floor to whoever (or whatever) would listen. 

Mike and I were talking about how we can't believe how much she has changed in the past week alone.  We flew down to Florida on St. Patrick's Day, which also happened to be the day that Addy turned 7 weeks old.  She is so much more interactive and if there are several people in the room she will follow me with her eyes, which I love :)  She has also been making a lot more noises, and it looks as though she is trying to talk.  It's so cute!

Here are some of her most recent pictures:

We took Addy to church again.  How adorable is her church attire?? (And she knows it!)

Like my new hat?

We made it to Florida.... But are they changing my diaper in the trunk of the car??  Yes, I believe they are.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Admit it, you wish you had my sunglasses.

Aunt Tina I've missed you so much!  I am going to hold on tight and bring you back to NC with me!

Wild eyed girl in full effect

Giving Aunt Tina my prettiest smile

Lying in my favorite spot of the trip... on the floor by the sliding glass door.  As close as I can get to the beach without being on the beach.

Addy's first time on the beach.  Yup, Moby's aren't only for mommies.

And Grandmas can wear them too.

Mommy and Addy in our St. Patrick's Day gear

Great-grandma and Addy

Great-grandpa and Addy

Heading to the beach!

This is the life :)

I'm a beach girl just like mommy.

Whew, that salt air wipes me out.

Getting ready for my Florida photo shoot

So that was Addy's seventh week of life.  Pretty eventful one for a baby!  A plane trip and everything.  We had a blast in Florida and we miss everyone already.  But we'll see you all soon.... and you can always see Addy on here :)

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