Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ice Princess

Addy made an appearance at the Penguins/Hurricanes hockey game during her fifth week of life!

She was a little rock star at the game despite the insane amount of noise at that place.  I forgot how loud it gets in there!  Ahhh, the things that you don't even think about until you bring a newborn.  She slept for about half of the game and when she woke up we fed her a bottle and I hoped she'd go back to sleep.  No such luck.  She got wide eyed at all of the commotion and tolerated it for about another period.  By the middle of the third period she was over it and we decided to leave.  But all in all it was a great time and another fun event for Addy to experience.....Or maybe it was just more of an experience for mom and dad.

Some things that we noticed this past week with Addy are:

-She started producing drool and tears.  Now when she cries and we kiss her face, we taste her poor little tears.

-That darn cord was still attached throughout the whole week!

-She is able to find her hand on her own and she started putting her fist in her mouth and sucking on it.

-She has started smiling responsively when we smile or laugh.  We love it!!!!

-She is still so alert, and she is a girl on the move.  Constantly kicking her legs and moving her arms around when she is sitting in her bouncer or on the activity mat.  We say that she is doing P90X with daddy :)

-When we lay her on her belly for tummy time those legs are still going and it looks like she's trying to crawl.

-She rolled from her back to her side when we put her on the activity mat earlier in the week.

-She is still so strong and that head control is getting better and better!

Those are Addy's week 5 milestones that we've noticed.  Here are some pics from the week. 

I love my activity mat!  (Must have the burp cloth at all times....she is still our spit up queen!)

Grandma and Pap visited this week!

It's been an awesome 5 weeks!  We love you Addy Marie!

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  1. Addy is geeting SO BIG!!! Now that she's mastered the Hurricanes game, she's ready for Section EJ at Beaver Stadium!