Friday, August 12, 2011

28 Weeks

It's been a nice relaxing week at the Hetrick house.  No traveling, no big plans, just livin' the dream ;)

Here are some of the photos from this past week.

We decided to try sweet potatoes! 

A little skeptical at first

"Hmmmm, this is actually pretty tasty."

"I love it!"

"But now I'm full Dad.  Hello..... read my body language.  NO MORE!"

"Ah, my thumb.  My new favorite thing."

Since we decided to make our own baby food, I bought the Baby Bullet (blender type thing) and it came with these little storage jars.  How cute are they?  And they have a little dial on the top where you dial in the date that you made the food, which I love.  And yes, Addy hammered that whole cup of sweet potatoes on her first try!

Since we have not taken any pics of Addy in the bath since her very first day in the bath tub, I decided it was time for a few of those this week.

Not sure why this one is a little bit blurry.  A photographer I am not.

"Daddy dumped the water right in my face!"

"But I don't really mind."
(I feel the need to mention here that he did wash the soap out of her hair before pouring water down her face.  It was just water, not soapy water.  OK, I feel better now.)

"Why is that camera always in my face?  Can't a girl get some privacy around here?"

Precious baby feet

Love it :)
She is just starting to sit up more and getting more playful in the tub, so we'll get some better tub photos in a few months when playtime is in full force.

And, of course, we have our weekly photos.

She loves that rattle

How cute is this little outfit that I got her at the Carters outlet?  I went there for the first time last week and it was bad news.  I loved so much stuff (AKA bought so much stuff).  I want to go back already, but I will be strong.  Because now I know that every time I go I am sure to come home with way too much, and I will have to endure the 20 questions/exasperation from my hubby.  Totally worth it this time though.  I mean, I told him she needed new jammies.  Did she need 10 pairs of new jammies?  Maybe not.

This thumb is a new thing that I have to contend with when trying to get pics.  Did I mention that we think Addy is a lefty?  She always puts the thumb from her left hand in her mouth and she tends to reach for things (like the spoon during her meals) with her left hand too.

Gotcha!  A smile!

Look at our big girl!  Very focused on the task at hand as always.

There you have it.  Just another week at the Hetrick house :)  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, cloth diapers and making your own baby food? I'm impressed! Love your frequency of blogging lately! Little Addy looks so much bigger already, I can't wait to see her again! 2 more weeksssss!!!

  2. Thanks for all the pics and videos! I am also very impressed with your homemade baby food. I am always so excited to look at your blog, especially when there are videos! Almost like being with Addy, but not quite. Like Tina said, 2 more weekssssss!!!