Friday, August 19, 2011

29 Weeks

Another pretty chill week at the Hetrick house.  It's been so nice to just relax at home...gearing up for our annual beach vacation that's coming soon!  It'll be our first vacation with a baby and 2 dogs so it'll be a whole new ballgame this year.  We can't wait!!

Here are some pics from this past week:

Playing with Scout

And the new food of the week is...... Avocado!
First bite!

"Wow, definitely not sure if I like that at all!"


"Seriously are we still going with this????"

Let's let Mommy try

After all of that, we got a smile!

It's so interesting watching Addy try new food for the first time.  She was definitely not into the avocado AT ALL on the first day, but we stuck with it. 

I've read that you should try giving a baby a food ten times before determining that they don't like it.  And we are determined to give her as many veggies as possible in hopes that she will acquire a taste for them.  I am not a veggie lover, and never was, but I need to change my eating habits STAT so that I can lead by example.  We are hoping that giving Addy a lot of veggies early on will help mold her to be a healthy eater throughout her life.   That's the goal anyway.

So we are now on day 4 of avocado and it is like night and day.  She hammers her little cup of avocado now with no problems!  Love it!

And its play date time again!
Ha ha!  Don't they look so serious?  Come on girls, lighten up!

There we go

Just hangin' out together

Carley loves the Step n' Play piano

Onto the weekly pics...

Big girl!

Addy was not feeling the lying down pics.  She wouldn't even crack a smile for Daddy.

And, last but not least, a BIG HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY to Addy's Aunt Lauren today!!  She wore a special bib just for the occasion....

(Can I just add that this pic was taken after her lunch of rice cereal, and not a single spot on her bib!  She is getting better and better at the solid food thing every day!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Woah, first weekly pic sitting up! I love her little headband:)

  2. I love her weekly pics, sitting up like a big girl! I love her headband and red dress!

  3. So funny to read this tonight. I was thinking about starting avocado tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up about day 1 not being a success. Wish us luck! :)