Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Has The Day Gone?

Why do I feel like I ask myself that question all the time???

Before I had Addy we had a cleaning lady that came every other week, and when I was pregnant I told her we wouldn't need her anymore once the baby was born because I'd be home most of the time.  I figured, I am only working one 12 hour shift a week, how hard could it be to keep the house nice and clean?  Famous last words.  I realize that this is entirely possible, so why does it seem so difficult?

I feel like I am constantly struggling to find time to get things done.  Like Addy's baby books.  I am getting anxiety thinking about the fact that she is over half a year old and I've barely started them.  I tell myself every week, this will be the week that I'll work on them, but then before I know it, the week is over and they are still collecting dust in the den.  WHY?

Is it just a lack of time management?  Is it my extreme procrastination rearing its ugly head?  I always tell myself that I will get some things done after Addy goes to bed, but let's be honest.  That never happens.  Ever.  I am just so tired by the time I put her to bed that I can't fathom doing anything productive.  Which is why I need to really try to buckle down and get things done while she naps.

I mean, I know Addy doesn't nap particularly well, but you'd think I'd have something to show for the time that she does nap.  I blame this blog..... and the countless others that I read ;)  For example, I was reading a blog that had sample weekly cleaning schedules on it this morning.  Well, perhaps I should've just been cleaning instead of reading about cleaning.  I should declare some days "no computer days" or something.  I need help!

I do love lists though, so maybe if I have some type of weekly chore list written out it will inspire me to do things just so I can cross them off.  Yes, I am that big of a dork. 

Anyway, time to step away from the computer and start my real life day.  Addy, Daisy, and I are gonna head out for a run before the heat/humidity become unbearable.  Yup, another half marathon is in my future.  Savannah Rock and Roll Half Marathon here I come!  T-minus 3 months and counting!

Maybe some fresh air and physical exercise will motivate me to tackle some chores when I get home.

Hopefully tonight I won't go to bed saying "Where has the day gone?"

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