Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little Peepers

OMG we have to lower the crib mattress!!!! 

So I was happily going about my chores while Addy was "napping" a few minutes ago and I decided to swing by her room and check on her.  I leave her door ajar while she sleeps so that I can make said checks without waking her by opening the door.  (We don't have a video monitor, and I'll admit that is one thing I wish we did have.)

So I stealthily tiptoed to her doorway to find her on her belly with her little hand curled around the crib railing.  With that little hand/arm, she had pulled herself up high enough that she was peering over the top of the crib!!!!!!  No joke!

My eyes flew open and I almost ran in there, but I just stood and watched for a minute.  All I could see were her little eyes peering over the top of her crib, just checking out her room.  She didn't see me there, and she fell back down in a few seconds.  I wish I could have gotten a picture, but then she definitely would have seen me and nap time would've been even more of a mess.  Nonetheless, when Mike gets home from work he's gonna get the fun job of lowering the crib mattress before a major catastrophe occurs. 

Yup, that same crib that he grunted and groaned over when putting it together before Addy was born.  He claimed that he was "never messing with that d*** thing again".

I "gently" reminded him that "we" (meaning "he") would have to mess with it to lower the mattress when she got bigger.  He was not happy with that revelation then, and he won't be happy with the news now. 

But in order to attempt to prevent her from following in her daddy's footsteps and flinging herself over her crib onto the floor, it has to be done.  Sorry Daddy.  Safety first!

P.S.  Can I just mention that upon concluding this post, Addy is still crying in her crib.  Yup, 25 minutes and counting.  Sigh.  Will nap time ever get easier????????????


  1. Addy Marie! I wish you could have gotten a picture of her little eyes peeping over the top too:)

  2. I would love to have seen a photo! When laying on her belly, Ava raises up with her arms and looks over the rail too. She looks like a little turtle. She isn't sitting up yet, so I think we're still safe for a few more weeks. They get too big too quick!