Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 Weeks

Not much new again at our house this week.  I could get used to this relaxation.  We are gearing up for our beach trip though....which is scheduled to begin right in the midst of Hurricane Irene!  We may be delaying our trip a bit based on the weather, but we'll see.

We tried bananas this week, and oddly enough Addy was not really a fan.  It is the sweetest food we've given her so far, and I couldn't even get her to finish them on the first day!  She wasn't a huge avocado fan on the first day of those either, but at least she ate it. 

After a few bites of banana she was shaking her head "no", arching her back, and turning away.  I'm wondering if it's partly because I didn't puree it and I only mashed it with a fork.  I did add some breast milk to it, as I have with all of her other food.  But the bananas were still lumpier than anything else she's eaten so far. 

But we've kept going with it, and today will be day 4 of the bananas.  She is doing better with them, and finishing the whole container, but I think the consistency is still throwing her off.  Next time I might puree it and see if it goes any better.

Ok, I know she doesn't look all that disgusted in these pics, but I promise she was.  These pics were taken after we gave up for the day.   Mike was at work, so I was trying to feed her, take pics, and video all at the same time.  It didn't work out so well.  Ha ha.

Here is the quick video.  Don't let her fool you.  She pretends she likes them during the video, then promptly refused any more after I turned the camera off.  

Oh, and don't mind her disgustingly discolored bib in the video.  Somehow it got those little black dots in the washer one day.  I have since rewashed it several times and it doesn't come out.  And those little dots have only ever appeared on bibs.  How weird is that?  I disassembled part of the washing machine and cleaned it and everything.  But I really don't know how it happened.  So there are a few bibs in our collection that we only use at home for very messy things.  Mental note not to put it on her again for any pics or videos ;)  Why not throw it out, you ask?  I actually was going to, but Mike (of all people) suggested we keep it for messy/stain filled feedings.  Done.  He's usually the tosser.  Where as you never have to ask me twice to save something :)  But I digress...

And here is the avocado video: (She makes the funniest faces at the end.)

Other than the addition of bananas to our menu, we had a couple of Addy/Carley play dates this week:

Carley is getting so big!  She's 2 and 1/2 months younger and weighs almost as much as Addy!  It's fun to watch how they are starting to interact with one another, so I took a video.  Warning: it's not very exciting.  I was just so impressed that Addy was sitting up for so long that I forgot I had the camera rolling.  Ha ha!

That Addy Marie.  She is sitting up so well these days.  It was like overnight....boom.  She could do it.

And the big 3-0....weeks that is.  I even got a few smiles this week :)

That's all we have going on right now.  Addy is currently over at Carley's house and I am supposed to be getting things done.  So I'm off to make my chicken kabobs and pasta salad for dinner tonight.  Yum!

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