Friday, September 14, 2012

Addy's First Haircut!

Yup, we finally broke down and did it.  We've only been talking about cutting Addy's hair for, oh, 8 months or so.  In every monthly letter I would tell her we were doing it soon, but it just never happened...until I couldn't stand it anymore.  I would have cut it a long time ago, but Mike was actually the one who was reluctant.  He liked her rat tail and her wings.  I thought they were cute for awhile, but they were getting out of control. 

So on vacation to Sandbridge, we made a big production out of it, and gave our baby her first haircut.  Grandma had the camera, Aunt Tina had the video camera, and we gave Addy a Popsicle and got to work.

Tina took some photos of us earlier in the week (our last photo session as a family of three!), which I love...but check out Addy's hair.  The photo shoot was very short (like 10 minutes) because Addy wasn't feeling it at all. 

This first photo is the ultimate pre-haircut pic:

Those are some massive wings that Addy has going on on the side!

So sweet :)

These next few don't showcase her wild hair as much, but I threw them in because I love them :)

Our precious little girl :)
She is growing up way too fast.  Sigh.  
Anyway, onto the task at hand.  The big haircut!
Don't mind my gigantic belly protruding out from the bottom of my shirt ;) ... My due date is a mere 2 weeks away in this photo.
Check out that rat tail!!  Told you it was high time for this haircut to occur.

Addy has a tight grip on her Popsicle in case she needs it ;)
Ha ha...could she lean any farther away from me?

"Are we done yet?"  And yes, that is Popsicle number two in her hand.
The remnants of the rat tail

Finished product.  Doesn't look too bad from this angle, but trust me, I botched it.  It is really uneven, and really short.  If Addy didn't look like a boy before, she definitely does now!

Fresh new do :)
And in case all of the photos weren't enough for you, here is a video of the big haircut.  Don't worry, I trimmed it down so that it's not obnoxiously long:
So there it is.  Although it is far from being a good haircut, anything is better than how it was.  And hopefully as her hair grows back in, it will be fuller and not so sporadic (i.e. just wings and a rat tail).  Here's hoping!!!

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  1. Haha I'm sure that video is painfully long:) Hopefully her hair grows in evenly now!