Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Beach Vacation: Take Two

A mere two weeks after our first one, we were packed up and headed out for our second week long beach vacation!  This trip was to Virginia Beach with my family, and none of us had ever vacationed there before.  The area we stayed in was actually a little bit south of Virginia Beach in a place called Sandbridge.  Luckily we all loved it!  It was calm and quiet, with nice beaches, and a beautiful condo complex.  We all commented that we would definitely go back there :)

Saturday was the first Penn State game, and it was a given that Mike and I were going to watch it one way or the other.  Either leave NC early and get to VB in time to watch the game at a bar (since it would be too early to check into our condo), or stay home to watch the game and leave for VB when it was over.  We opted for the the second plan because, let's be honest, taking a 1 1/2 year old to a bar for 3+ hours to watch a football game would not be fun for anyone involved.  So we let the rest of the family head out early to get to VB and our little family stayed back until the game was over. 

Addy engrossed in the game.  Penn State purse at her head, Nittany Lion at her feet.
"Let's go State!"
"I give up on this game.  Let's eat."
After the game we headed out, and Daddy got Addy all set up with her headphones and DVD player in hopes for a peaceful ride ;)
The view from our balcony :)  Nothing beats a sunrise at the beach, cup of coffee in hand, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the shore.  Heavenly :)  .... And then your toddler wakes up, the peacefulness is replaced with craziness, and let the day begin!  Ha ha!
We were able to entice Addy to play at the beach a little bit....
... but she prefers to be clean and sand free, ha ha!
So we decided to try out the pool.
Our ever cautious girl was skeptical at first....
...but she got brave!

And jump!

Daddy was her favorite pool buddy..until he would dunk her.  Then she was done with him ;)
So Daddy grabbed a beer and Grandma took over :)

This was a great place to stay.  The pool was right on the beach, and it had a swim up bar and everything!  Paradise :)  Plus there was a second pool in the middle of the units that had a hot tub, baby pool, and grilling area!  We were going to grill one night, but never got around to it.
View of our place from the ocean
So although she had tons of fun at the pool, Addy is no beach bum yet. When we tried to take her down by the water she demanded to be held and then would snuggle in close, in hopes that we wouldn't put her down.
By the end of the week though, we could at least get her to stand down there for a few minutes with us without her having a complete panic attack, ha ha!
 We would religiously cart all of Addy's sand toys to the beach every day, and she would play with them for 15 minutes or so before she would decide that she was too sandy and request to go to the pool.
She tilted her bucket just enough so a slow trickle of water would come out to wash her hands....
But then she decided that slow trickle wasn't cutting it so she dumped the whole bucket on herself in attempt to get clean.
One thing about Addy Marie, is that she loves the I Pad.  And as of recently, she can operate it herself.  Swipe it to turn it on, find the apps she wants, and play them.  It's pretty amazing to watch.  Here she is playing the "pad"...before her big haircut.  Yup, that's right, Addy's first haircut occurred at the beach.  It was about time.... or well past time ;)

Out to dinner pre-haircut...

Daddy trying to teach her how to play Angry Birds (Again, pre-haircut).  I love this pic because she just sat right down next to him, threw her arm around his shoulder, and snuggled in.  It was the cutest thing :)

"Ooooh, this game seems fun!"

I cut her hair, and I must say, I should keep my day job.  I really kind of botched it, but oh well.  The wings and rat tail are finally gone.  Although now she looks more like a boy than ever... and even more like Mike.  One of Tina's friends texted her the other day and said, "When did Addy become Mike Hetrick with a bow?"  Ha ha so true!  Next post will be "Addy's First Haircut".  I know, I know....suuuuper exciting, right? 

 Here are a couple other random pics from our week in Sandbridge:
Addy at her happiest: on her beach chair, snacks in hand :)
One afternoon when she was awfully quiet, I walked into the kitchen to find this:

Shirtless, eating a Popsicle.
Helping to secure the beach umbrella

Snuggling with Daddy down by the "Osh"

Family photo :)

 And there it is.  Our week in Sandbridge via photos.  We had a lot of fun, and it was great for everyone to be able to spend time with Addy Marie since they don't get to see her very often.  Mom, Jim, and Tina were there the whole week.  Jay came down for a few days in the beginning, and so did my grandparents.  We all really enjoyed spending the week together, and times like that make me really miss my family.  But I am thankful that we got to spend these weeks with our families at the beach this year.  And we are all thankful that I made it through both vacations without going into labor!

 So, until next time....bye bye "Osh" :)


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  1. I'm thankful you didn't go into labor too! Such a great week:)