Monday, September 24, 2012

Finished Nursery!

Yup, Emma's nursery is finally complete!  Only 2 days after my due date, ha ha :)  Nothing like waiting until the very last minute, right?

Her room has to be a combination nursery/guest room, but I think we managed to make it work.


Guest Room
Transformation in Progress:
Daddy putting the crib together...

...with his favorite little helper.

Addy is taking a break.  Daisy will fill in ;)
Working on our DIY projects:
Painting, painting, and more painting
Daddy helped out by painting the fabric circles :)
Full view

Addy wanted to get in Emmy's crib

Left to right: Ultrasound photo, handmade Baby Girl card from a friend, plain pink scrapbook paper where we will put Emma's footprints, birth announcement, and maternity photo.  I interspersed the butterflies to add a little something extra.

New bedding, and I painted the picture frame above the bed for the bright pink flower photo that we had, which just happened to go perfectly with the color scheme of the room!

Shadowbox arrangement (I painted those too.)

Probably my favorite aspect of the room: the fabric circles.  Mike painted the rings and I added the fabric.  I love the clock and the mirror in there too :)

Emma's crib.  The quilt on the front was handmade for her by one of my friends!

Mirror that I painted and DIY mobile...that I just finished last night ;)

Close up of the mobile

Another view from the doorway
We are officially done with the nursery and ready for Emma to join the family!  Good thing, since I am scheduled for my induction in T-minus 6 hours!!!!  Ready or not, here she comes!

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  1. The mobile and fabric circles are my favorite - love those!