Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Shower Number Two!

I am so fortunate to have wonderful friends and co-workers!  A lot of people don't get a baby shower for their second child, but somehow I was showered with love twice!  My co-workers threw me a baby shower a few weeks ago, and the girls in my mom group threw me one this past week!

We went to a local restaurant called Relish, and I got Italian mac and cheese, which was to die for!  Then Becky made these cute little cupcakes for dessert.  There were ten of us there, and it was so fun hanging out and catching up with these girls without having to worry about chasing around our little ones!
I got some really cute outfits, and a lot of diapers which will definitely come in handy in those early days when the cloth diapers won't fit yet.  I am so excited for Emma's arrival, yet I cannot believe she will be here in a week or so!  I still feel like there is so much to get ready.  Ha ha, ready or not, she's coming soon!!!!

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