Friday, December 23, 2011

Addy's Cruising!

So..... FINALLY... Addy is pulling herself up on furniture and now has started cruising around on it.  I was wondering when she'd get up the nerve for this trick!

She started pulling herself up last week and and few days later (yesterday) has started cruising around on it.  She's also getting really good at walking with her toys.  It's funny to watch her because she is so proud of herself.   But after she pulls herself up or cruises, she looks to us for encouragement and to make sure that this is an OK thing to do and isn't too dangerous. 

Speaking of dangerous, when we use a stern voice and tell her "no" when she is heading somewhere that we don't want her to go, she will stop, look at us and head off in another direction.  She's like "Thanks for the heads up guys.  I'll steer clear of danger."  So funny.

Here are the pulling up and cruising videos I took.  Not very exciting, I know.  But it's big moves for our little girl :)

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