Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 Months!

Dear Sweet Baby Girl,

     Less than one month from now you won't be Mommy's baby any more!  You'll be a toddler and I really can't believe that!  I still see you as a little baby, although every day you are becoming more and more of a little girl.  It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

You have made more big strides this month, and it's funny because I can tell that you are so proud of yourself :)  You started pulling up to a standing position and cruising along the furniture.  You are able to walk fairly well with your new walking toys, although if you don't feel like it, you get spaghetti legs and refuse to stand.

You love music and have started dancing (more like bouncing) to the music.  Your little face lights up and you get so excited when a fun song comes on.

You favorite move is waving and you have been waving at everything and everyone, especially your stuffed animals.  You love to wave to them :)  You have also started pointing at things, and that's fun because soon you may be able to tell me what you want by pointing at it.  You still love clapping, but I think what you love most is the reaction that you get from people when you do it :)

There were a few times that we swear that you said "hi", but it's few and far between.  Really, your favorite word is still "Da da".  At this point it's pretty much the only one you say that we understand.  I'm pretty sure it means both Daisy and Daddy to you.  Still working on "Ma ma" and getting nowhere fast ;)  You definitely have been jabbering (again, especially to your stuffed animals), but it's nothing that we understand.

I love how much you imitate people!  It really makes me laugh out loud, which then makes you laugh too!  You make funny faces when we do, you click your tongue and roll your tongue when we do, and of course, you smile and laugh when we do.

You are such a big girl that you progressed to baths in the big girl tub!  No more baby tub for you.  It was becoming somewhat of a disaster with you trying to flip around and climb out of that little tub, so we gave it up and bought you a "flying carpet" to sit on in the big tub.  It's really supposed to be a non-slip mat, but the suction cups don't stick to our tub floor, so that mat floats around in there.  We place you on it anyway, and it's your magic mat :)

Demonstrating your pointing skills ;)

Your funny face :)

You are a great eater and we haven't found anything yet that you absolutely refuse to eat.  You don't like chicken or peas, but if we intersperse them among bites of other food you'll eat them.  I think it's probably because you haven't quite figured out that you can spit it out yet (thank goodness).  I continue to make your baby food for when we are at home, and we give you the baby food jars when we are on trips.  You do fine with either one. 

We have been giving you a lot more table food too, but we try to just give you the healthy stuff.  No sweets yet, much to all of the grandparents dismay ;)  What is it with grandparents always wanting to feed babies sweet stuff?  Syrup, icing,... marshmellow Peeps (ahem, that one is for grandpa ;))

You do love your snacks, which consist of Cheerios, yogurt bites, puffs, and mum mums.  Cheerios were your first snack and you loved them, but now that we have introduced the others, you will often feed your Cheerios to Daisy, ha ha!

Earlier this month I weaned you down to nursing three times a day instead of four.  I eliminated the session after your second nap and started giving you a snack instead.  We also introduced whole milk out of a sippy cup, but it took you several weeks before you'd take more than a sip.  You are great with it now, and you love whole milk.  And similar to the Cheerio situation, now that milk has been introduced, you are even less interested in drinking water than you were before.  But we'll keep pushing it.

Then on Christmas day, I weaned you again, and you are currently nursing just twice a day.  Once when you wake up in the morning, and once before you go to bed at night.  You have taken it like a champ and don't seem at all distressed, which is such a relief.  It's been a life changer for Mommy, because I'm not so restricted anymore.  If Daddy is home during the day, I can leave for several hours (all day if I wanted to) and it's fine.  I haven't been able to say that in almost a year!

And now you have six teeth !  As soon as that second bottom one came, the four that you now have on the top came in a hurry.  And I'm sure you were definitely in pain, because there were some very uncharacteristically cranky days for you during that time.  Poor sweet baby girl :(  You love your teeth though, and you point to them when asked.  You also miraculously love to have your teeth brushed!  You open your mouth and patiently wait for us to brush, which is amazing to me!

Throughout the whole new teeth mess you were still a great sleeper.  A few times you woke up once during the night, but it was no problem.  Mommy or Daddy would hold you for a minute, put some orajel on your gums and then you'd be lunging to get back in your crib.  I actually like to hold you in the middle of the night, because it's about the only time you will snuggle with me.  And since it's so rare, its like a small, secret little treat for Mommy ;)

You are still taking two naps a day (around 10 and 2) and sleeping for about 12 hours at night (7 to 7).  It has been so wonderful, and Daddy and I were just talking about how lucky we are with your sleeping habits, especially at night.  From the night we brought you home from the hospital you somehow knew that night time was for sleeping.  You would wake up to eat and then immediately fall back to sleep.  And ever since you were about 5 1/2 months old, you slept all night long.  That's so nice of you Addy!  And you need it too, because when you wake up before 7AM, you tend to be more cranky for the rest of the day. 

Your naps are getting pretty short, so I'm wondering if the time is coming to switch you from taking two naps a day to taking one.  Your two naps are often not even an hour each anymore!  Maybe if you only take one, you will sleep for a little bit longer at a stretch.  It's going to be hard though, because you always seem so exhausted by 10AM.  We'll see.

This past month has been Christmas mania at our house.  Mommy LOVES Christmas, so the whole month of December has been filled with Christmas music, Christmas cookies, and Christmas outfits for you.  Yup, I pretty much put you in some type of Christmas outfit every day this month.  I didn't really realize that until I was going through my phone photos of you.  This is what I found....

Dec 2: Your "I Love Santa" shirt

Dec 5

Dec 6: You and Mommy are both wearing Christmas shirts!

Dec 15th

Dec 16th: "Baby's First Christmas" onesie

Dec 17th: "I've Been Good All Year" shirt

Dec 19: "You Make My Heart Melt" jammies

Dec 20: Your velvet Christmas outfit.  This was the day of the "OJ incident".  Your precious little outfit didn't last long at Briggs after mommy spilled orange juice all over you.  Sorry baby girl!  Looking at this picture made me think that we've been hitting up that restaurant for breakfast a lot this past month...and you know Mommy loves that!  I love, love, love breakfast.... and so do you!

Ha ha!  Love this one!

Dec 22: "Santa's Helper" jammies

Dec 24: Christmas Eve!

Dec 25: Christmas Day!

Dec 31: Gingerbread Man jammies

Whew, so that's a recap of the pics of you that I took with my phone over the past month.  All Christmas, all the time :)  The season has taken on a whole new meaning to Mommy and Daddy this month.  It has been so fun and special with you here to share it with us!

Here are your 11 Month Photos:

I get it.  You're done Addy ;)

Notice what is missing?  Yup, for the first month since you were born, Mommy forgot to take a family photo!  Ooops!  It's OK though, you are the one we want to remember.  Mommy and Daddy pretty much look the same from month to month, but you, my sweet girl, are ever changing!

Here is a video of you from a few days before your 11 Month Birthday:

I am going to relish in your last month as a baby.  You are the sweetest baby in the whole wide world, and I can already see that you are growing into the sweetest little girl in the whole wide world.  Your giggle is infectious and you bring constant smiles to Mommy and Daddy's faces!  Sometimes we say that we don't know what we did before we had you.  Life was great before, but life since you have arrived has never been more fun!  Mommy and Daddy love you so, so many millions!  Happy 11 Month Birthday Baby Girl!!!


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