Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

OK, so I'm a little late with this post, but in my defense, I have been either out of town or working every day since Thanksgiving until yesterday.  It's been a whirlwind, but now we're home until Christmas, so I can get all caught up with my blogging.

The four of us (Mike, Addy, Daisy, and I) spent Thanksgiving in Hollidaysburg this year.  We left the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and came home early Monday morning.  It was so nice to be up there for a good chunk of time so that we could get together with all of Mike's family without feeling rushed.  Most of his extended family hadn't seen us since July, and there are a lot of changes in a baby in 4 and 1/2 months.  So everyone was glad to see us (AKA glad to see Addy especially, ha ha!). 

Before we left, Addy and I hung out outside since it was 76 degrees in Raleigh!  This is when she decided to pull herself up for the first time, which I showed you in my last post.  Here are a few more pics from that afternoon:

Leaf in hand, contemplating life.

A leaf in each hand.  Happy girl :)

We decided to leave for PA at night for the very first time, because driving that long of a distance during the day with Addy is just getting tougher and tougher.  She ends up crying for the majority of the way, and she doesn't sleep at all, which means that we end up stopping every hour or so to calm her down.  Stopping every hour for an eight hour trip = no fun for anyone, and it extends the trip to about 10 hours. 

I think she's just bored.  She is rear facing in her car seat, so she just stares at the seat and she can't see us, so she rebels.  And I'm sure I've mentioned before how much better Mike is at handling this than I am.  I really hate hate hate to hear Addy crying like that, and it makes the trip so stressful.  So we've decided to switch it up a little bit and leave at night, in hopes that she'd sleep most of the way.

And it worked!  She slept until we stopped at the halfway point to gas up.  I got her out, changed her diaper, put her back in her seat, and off we went.  But then she was up and crying she we stopped about a half an hour later for me to feed her.  After that, it was snooze town until we arrived in H-burg.  And on the way back to NC, Addy never woke up at all!  We stopped for gas and everything and she slept right through it!  It was like a miracle and it's definitely the way we'll be traveling from now on.

Luca and Aunt Lauren came over for a visit on Wednesday:

Look at these two... stone faced!

Then Mike's Aunt Kelly stopped over (and Mike's cousin Luke came by too, but for some reason I didn't get any pics of him).

Addy loves to bounce!

Look at Daisy's face.  She's like, "Don't you try any funny stuff with my tail Addy.  I've got my eye on you."

Thanksgiving day (being on a Thursday, as it always is) was also Addy's weekly picture day.

What do you think of her "mink"?  Pretty snazzy, huh? ;)

It ended up the same way all weekly photo shoots do ;)

We also partook in a little bit of this on Thanksgiving:

This photo is Mike's attempt at creative genius ;)  Leave it to Mike for the only photos he takes all week to be of beer.  Ha ha!

Outfit change before the company came over

Cousins :)

Luca and his Grandma Sally

Addy and Great-grandma Mary.  Addy looks very focused on something always ;)

Pap and his grand kids :)

How cute does Luca look in this pic??

Note how both of their legs are being held so that they stay in one spot long enough to grab a pic.  Neither of them look thrilled that they are being held against their will.

Aunt Lauren and Addy :)

Piano time!

Just two babies playing piano

Friday night we went downtown for the Christmas Tree Lighting...although we didn't last until they lit the tree.  Oh well, we had fun anyway :)

Then Saturday morning Mike and I ran in the Hollidaysburg 2 Mile Turkey Trot.

Yup, I got a medal.  Second place in my age group with a time of 15:33.  I got to stand on a podium and everything (for the first time in my life I believe).  What can I say?  I'm kind of a big deal ;)  Yeah, sure.  I'm pretty sure the race wasn't a full 2 miles, because there is no way I was going that fast. 
Look how proud I look.  What. a. dork.

So that was our trip to Hollidaysburg!  It was jam packed and lots of fun.  Addy turned 10 months while we were there, so I got those pics too.   But I'm gonna save them for her 10 month letter....which is coming soon.  Better late than never ;)

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